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Direct Marketing Services

Visualization of marketing through behavioral data and cost-effectiveness

Dentsu provides comprehensive support for direct marketing through advertising communications that directly identify customers who never need to set foot in a store to be turned into fans.
These methods are used by a variety of industries, and include not only mail order, but also the downloading of finance, communications, educational and other smartphone applications, as well as in-store events to attract and identify potential customers.
Direct marketing takes into account the impact of advertising on unit sales, membership acquisition, enquiries and other metrics to visualize the behavioral history of each customer acquired.
Dentsu will efficiently identify new customers for clients through integrated analysis making use of the latest tools, including online advertisements such as banners and search engine marketing (SEM), offline advertising response data such as television and newspapers, personal computer, smartphone and other digital device usage data and creative advertising element response data.
We also support business success as a partner, making use of CRM that creates fans through the repeated use by identified customers.

Methods and Tools

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