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Media Buying

The best devised media plan will not be effective if the requisite media cannot be secured to implement that plan. Thus, persistent negotiations with media companies are needed to realize even extremely innovative communication ideas.
We have set up specialized departments that are responsible for, and staffed by those who work solely on, each media. Since our staff cover a broad range, from mass media to out-of-home (OOH) advertising and digital media, Dentsu is well placed to conduct media buying operations around the globe.
In each media office, the numerous specialists responsible for each medium build strong relationships with mass media, Internet, and mobile media companies. They regularly undertake difficult negotiations to ensure they can adequately match clients' media strategies.
Media buying specialists are also experts in the media for which they are responsible. Using their broad knowledge and personal networks they develop new media products and innovative advertising space, always expending their energy on planning top-quality content that only Dentsu can provide.
In fact, the Group is best placed to buy such media as will solve the marketing communication problems of its clients. See "Investor Relations" for details of Dentsu's media buying experiences.



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