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Audience Insight Development

Discovering changes in consumers

Dentsu aggressively conducts audience insight discovery in which it both receives and disseminates information.
In recent years, the adoption of smartphones and the rapid spread of social media use has had a major impact on consumption trends among younger generations. The daily viewing and sharing of videos on mobile and other Internet-connected devices has expanded opportunities to come in contact with video advertising.
The relationship with television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other traditional media no longer involves a race against time. Missed television programs can be viewed later online and the advent of digital radio and electronically delivered publications is ushering in a shift toward an era in which new complementary relationships are being created from a business perspective.
To accurately ascertain complicated audience media-usage behavior and link it to next-generation media business development, Dentsu utilizes conventional focus groups and questionnaires as well as tabulations and analyses of media device usage logs mixed with simulations to develop leading-edge knowledge.
Having developed these latest insights, they are broadly applied through the sharing of medium- to long-term issues facing clients and Dentsu, as well as opportunities to engage in new business with media companies.

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