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Media Planning

Media techniques

Dentsu provides a wide range of advanced media planning services. Our services extend from developing media plans—that efficiently deliver a client’s brand message to target consumers—and deciding media-buying tactics, to proposing media strategies and plans for integrated communication.

Boosting message delivery efficiency

By using various tools, including the multi-media optimizer Dialog® and the multi-brand optimizer DiaLogARTS, we create media plans that most efficiently deliver brand messages to target audiences.

Spreading messages

Efficiently distributing brand messages is not the only important aspect of media planning. Both intelligence and creativity are called for if those messages are to take root in the mind of consumers. Thus, using consumer insight surveys and consumer values, we select the timing and media (contact point) that would best enable a client’s message to be easily spread.

Melding media and content to resolve brand problems

Not bound by existing ideas, we devise and provide to clients measures that use media and content to solve brand-related issues. There is no one almighty medium that is appropriate in all cases. In certain cases, it may be important to devise measures based on a media-neutral idea. Bearing this in mind, we outline the overall media strategy, develop, implement, and manage detailed media plans in line with that strategy, and propose media-neutral plans that solve brand-related problems.

Methods and tools



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