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Crisis Communications

We live in an era when a simple scratch can be fatal

With the spread of social media, the risk of accidents and crises has dramatically increased for all companies. In an increasing number of cases, posts made by a customer or employee can result in damage to a company's reputation or brand. The Dentsu Group provides comprehensive support through a crisis response program that helps companies and organizations overcome challenging situations, as well as a risk management program that helps companies avoid such difficulties in the first place.

Crisis response

In a crisis, the initial response is crucial. However, this requires great skill because, in addition to getting the situation under control, it is important to precisely and quickly fulfill one's responsibility to explain the situation to the general public.
As communications professionals, Dentsu retains crisis management consultants experienced in handling crises across industries that support client accountability.

Risk management

Risk management means always being prepared. Three steps are involved in developing a risk management function: training to heighten risk awareness; ascertaining risks unique to one's company; and developing both organizations and relevant manuals in such a way as will facilitate responses.
Two steps are then required to set the system in motion: inculcating an understanding of the manual and training programs, as well as monitoring aimed at mitigating risks.
Dentsu provides customized support for the above five steps, from the creation of a risk-management function to operations, based on each client's particular situation.

Methods and Tools

Dentsu Group crisis management communications program

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