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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic PR

Creating stories that are personalized, friendly and social

Increasing digitalization and the advent of social media have resulted in a flood of information. But the measure of success is not simply the amount of consumer interest that can be generated. It is also the extent to which consumer attitudes and behavior can be changed and, ultimately, the degree to which they can be more profoundly engaged by exposure to specific information.
To achieve companies’ objectives, in terms of products and services, and to build a favorable reputation, strategic PR activities take a bird’s-eye view of overall strategy in order to craft communications that make the most of optimized PR methods.
The Dentsu Group creates personalized, friendly and social stories through information distribution routes and timing design that support information creation and flow design to motivate consumers.

News design: creating news for mass media, word-of-mouth communication

This service organizes product, service and brand facts, and establishes strategic PR objectives based on analyses of current conditions related to social and information environments. To achieve these objectives, areas in need of improvement or strengthening are identified, while information value and context are designed to create news that people will want to share.

Leadership communication program: training leaders to tell stories

In this global era, organizational leaders must have communication skills that are nonverbal (appropriate gestures, eye contact). This leadership program offers coaching in such skills, focused on content and delivery.

Methods and Tools



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