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Buying Behavior Data, Models

Capturing free online and offline movement of consumers

With the arrival of an era in which it is possible to capture a variety of consumer-related behavior and purchasing data, we are now able to measure consumer reactions to advertisements. At the same time, because consumers move freely online and offline, they thus complicate consumer behavior in terms of the quality and volume of information they request based on contact points. This makes it difficult to achieve objectives without detailed advertising planning that corresponds to actions of the consumers in the marketplace.

In response to those complicated purchaser actions, Dentsu proposes using the Dual AISAS Model®. This is a new consumer behavior paradigm, based on the attention-interest-search-action-share (AISAS™) model, which provides communication that maximizes sales. The Dual AISAS Model® separates the spread of information online and offline, and consumers into two interest categories (interest in product and in advertisement), identifying the importance of activation leading to purchases in both categories.
This also advances efforts to determine how purchasing and behavior data can be used in promotions. In addition to use in the PDCA cycle, the model promotes the development of tools linked to such actions as the deciphering of communications and data to identify subsequent targets.

Methods and Tools

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