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Sales-floor channel value added linking consumers, products; leading to purchases

Advances in IT and logistics have brought significant changes to consumer purchasing behavior. The sales floor is no longer simply a place to buy things. The process leading to purchases enables consumers to gain a deeper understanding of products as they come into contact with goods and information on a number of sales floors. As a result, they expand their understanding of how a product can be used. The sales floor is, thus, both a place where items are sold and an important channel in terms of connecting products and consumers.
Dentsu is striving to expand utilization of the sales floor channel by:

  1. Developing and implementing solutions that enhance value-added sales floor communications.
  2. Developing and implementing marketing techniques linked to purchases related to multiple channels from the consumers' perspective.

Due to the growing use of electronic commerce as channels enabling the flexible deployment of measures, rather than companies conducting activities on an individual basis, there are an increasing number of cases in which manufacturing and logistics clients collaborate on integrated measures that range from communications to sales promotions.

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