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Digital Activation

Using technology to motivate behavior

The adoption of smartphones and prevalence of SNSs herald an era in which a variety of information can be obtained instantly, and "activation" to stimulate consumer behavior is gaining prominence. At the same time, given the tremendous growth in information, conventional methodologies are rapidly losing their efficacy.
Within this promotion environment, Dentsu implements "digital activation" initiatives that motivate behavior using a variety of technologies online as well as in actual locations.
Dentsu Group digital activation-related domains are categorized as follows.

  1. Engagement design that promotes online buzz creation, suggestions and fan conversion;
  2. Customer relationship management/growth-hacks that cultivate customers and media through websites and apps;
  3. Experience design that utilizes technology in actual locations;
  4. Online-to-offline business that changes consumers to customers, converting them from online to offline and vice versa; and
  5. Inner activation solutions that use technology.

Case Studies

Emotion Analyzer

The tool offers a real-time analysis of brain waves to provide five emotion-based parameters—affinity, interest, concentration, drowsiness and stress. It has potential applications across a wide variety of fields, focusing on consumers’ subconscious and unconscious.

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