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Experience Value Branding

The communication environment surrounding consumers is undergoing dramatic changes. With digital networks as ubiquitous as air, consumers not only receive information through a variety of media, they also disseminate information. Amid this flood of information, the daily pursuit of ensuring information authenticity is a chore. Can this information be trusted? Should this information be shared?
Given this situation, there is one thing that clearly offers value to consumers in terms of information: experience of events or spaces. Not only is there value in the experience of events or spaces as media that creates strong bonds with companies or brands, there is also a link to value in the dissemination of one’s personal experience as content.

Branded Spaces

Many retail spaces such as flagship stores and car dealers have been developed as bases for corporate branding. These include permanent structures such as corporate museums, as well as temporary pop-up stores. To forge a bond with brands through consumer experience, it is necessary to design the entire experience. Dentsu works with leading contemporary creatives to design not only spaces, but also services, food, music and all other aspects of the consumer experience to achieve branding through that experience.

City Branding

From urban commercial facility branding to local city area branding, from closed events to city-wide events, Dentsu is engaged in branding from an architecturally broad perspective that is not limited merely to brand experiences in spaces such as stores or exhibitions.

Experience Technologies

Dramatic digital advances have the opposite effect of enhancing real value. Projection technologies such as projection mapping and augmented reality (AR) give rise to moving experiences, while technologies for disseminating event content and creating a buzz can be deployed through smartphones.
In addition, BI measures, including the use of consumer personal data, can be used on the spot to provide a richer user experience. Dentsu maximizes the value of real experience by utilizing both creative technologists and technology information that evolves on a daily basis.

Global Projects

From international expositions to worldwide events and exhibitions, branding is borderless. We have the expertise to analyze and forecast a variety of factors related to global deployment, and the international network required for successful implementation. Dentsu is able to respond to branding demands on a global scale, drawing on our achievements at major events and expositions around the world and our network of production companies.

Case Studies

The Tech-Noh Project

It is a project that aims to show how Noh can be used against a backdrop of today’s society.

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