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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility


The project is about being creative with hospitality, to make hospital visits more tolerable.


In hospital settings, sometimes patients feel nervous when speaking with doctors. Thus, they are not able to fully understand what the doctors are saying, and so are not able to properly follow instructions. In addition, patients get tired of long waiting times. To help improve these situations, personnel from Dentsu formed a group and initiated a project called HOSPITAL-TY.

The project name, derived from the words hospital and hospitality, reflects the underlying approach of the HOSPITAL-TY project. It aims—through hospitality—to resolve various issues patients face at hospitals, and to devise ways of offering patients more pleasant treatment experiences.

Note: HOSPITAL-TY is an original Dentsu development project.


Motohumi Kanesaka / Yukio Hashiguchi (Dentsu)



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