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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Dentsu's CSR Procurement Activities

For Dentsu, social responsibility includes ensuring that ample consideration is given in dealings with its business partners (contractors) in regard to human rights, legal and regulatory compliance, environmental protection, and respect for intellectual property rights throughout the production and provision of services. Dentsu partially revised the 'Dentsu Basic Procurement Policy' and 'Dentsu Procurement Guidelines' in March 2014. In addition to changes to the contents in accordance with the establishment of the 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct' in 2013, we aim for the realization of CSR Procurement activities that give due consideration to ethics and human rights in our operations. We also request that business partners comply with the above revisions by concluding a 'Basic Agreement for Outsourcing'.

Dentsu also set up a Partner Hotline to enable business partners to report any legal violations by Dentsu directors or employees that had come to light in the course of business so as to identify and deal with legal and regulatory compliance violations.

Dentsu Basic Procurement Policy

In line with the 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct' and desire for fair business dealings with its suppliers and business partners, the Company established the 'Dentsu Basic Procurement Policy'.

1. Fair business dealings

We shall conduct fair business dealings.

  1. Our business dealings shall comply with laws and regulations.
  2. When selecting suppliers and business partners, we shall not only take into account economic factors, but also give due consideration to compliance and environmental issues.

2. Cooperation with Dentsu's management system

  • When our suppliers and business partners collaborate with us, we request understanding of, and cooperation with, Dentsu's management system, including the 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct', the 'Dentsu Procurement Guidelines' and other Dentsu Group rules.

Dentsu Procurement Guidelines

In line with the 'Dentsu Basic Procurement Policy', the Company has established the 'Dentsu Procurement Guidelines', and requests that our direct and indirect suppliers adhere to the following.

  1. When hiring and dealing with employees, efforts should be made to respect human rights, labor regulations, and diversity, and ensure legal and regulatory compliance.
    Additionally, we request that discriminatory expressions not be used in advertising production work and other processes. We request that internationally declared human rights protection be accorded respect and transactions such as direct or indirect funding to those who violate human rights not be conducted.
  2. In business dealings with Dentsu and other parties, an effort should be made to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. In particular, we request that dealings with antisocial individuals and organizations and the giving and receiving of monetary or non-monetary benefits to any stakeholder for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining improper profits or preferential treatment be banned.
  3. Please make every effort to realize a workplace that gives due consideration to health and safety to prevent work-related accidents and injuries.
  4. Please make active efforts to reduce the environmental impact of your business activities and to realize a sustainable society.
  5. When presenting plans and proposals, we request that intellectual property rights be accorded respect, and that third-party rights and interests not be infringed.
  6. We request the establishment of information security management systems that cover organizational, individual, technical and physical aspects of information security, to ensure that confidential information and personal information obtained or learned during the course of business dealings are not disclosed, leaked, or used fraudulently.
  7. We request that appropriate operational processes be used to ensure that high-quality products and services are delivered within the predetermined schedule at a market-competitive cost.
  8. We request that appropriate information-sharing to consumers takes place and consideration paid to safety through business activities and that efforts be made to resolve consumers' issues.
  9. We request that efforts be made through business activities to contribute to the resolution of issues of high societal demand and the development of local society and communities.



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