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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Structures for Environmental Activities

The Dentsu Group Efforts

At Dentsu, environmental managers advance Group-wide efforts for the environment. CSR promotion committee members advance environmental activities at respective Dentsu divisions. At each Group company, board members in charge of the Eco Program, environmental managers, supervisors, and promotion committee members are appointed to advance environmental activities.
In 2005, we adopted the Dentsu Group Eco Program and acquired ISO 14001 certification. Integrated Group certification that included subsidiaries in Japan acquired certification in 2006. As of January 2021, Dentsu and domestic 20 Group companies hold this certification.

Eco-First Commitment (Revised)

Dentsu presented an updated Eco-First Commitment to the Minister of the Environment in its next step toward realizing a sustainable society on a global scale.

The document was submitted in October 2017, and cited the following three points as focus areas.

  1. We will work to increase awareness and promote understanding of social issues including environmental conservation, to achieve the United Nations 17 Development Goals.
  2. From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we will positively and proactively ascertain problems, share information and find solutions.
  3. We commit to gradually advancing the reduction of the environmental footprint related to our business activities.

Environmental Policy

The Dentsu Group aims to base on the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, reduce the environmental burden generated through its business operations in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • In order to realize a sustainable society, correctly assess the environmental impact of its business activities and work to reduce its burden on the environment.
  • Work to develop and propose environmentally conscious business activities and contribute to the improvement of environmental issues.
  • Ensure thorough implementation of environmental compliance and engage in ongoing improvements to boost environmental performance through more precisely defined environmental objectives and outcomes.
Environmental Protection
  • Actively endeavor to prevent pollution, alleviate climate change, and conserve biodiversity and ecosystems.
Environmental Communication
  • Actively engage in environmental education for the next generation and environmental communication activities to business partners and employees to raise recognition of environmental issues.

Environmental Objectives

  1. Promotion of activities to business partners, consumers and employees to raise recognition of environmental issues
  2. Promotion of activities to prevent global warming and conserve ecosystems
  3. Maintaining waste reduction and recycling at a high rate



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