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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Raising Environmental Awareness

SDGs Award

The Dentsu Group each year confers an SDGs Award to encourage Group-wide sustainability initiatives. Employees are urged to share relevant knowledge and bolster sustainability-related activities, with those considered outstanding being commended.

SDGs Award

Awareness-Raising Using Handbooks

Dentsu creates handbooks as part of its awareness-raising activities for employee and uses them for new employee training, etc. The term 'greenwash' is used in reference to labels and advertising that use unsubstantiated information or partial data to give the impression that products or corporate activities are more environment friendly than they actually are. This practice is under scrutiny by corporations and NPOs. Dentsu uses the Greenwash Guide in order to eliminate the risk of greenwashing in advertising communications and enhance employee knowledge. Dentsu defines a 'green event' as an event that is an environment friendly one, and the Green Event Guide is used for organizing such events. The guide describes how to organize such events from the viewpoint of a PDCA cycle, in line with the flow of event management, from the planning stage to implementation and post-event evaluation. It also includes case studies that are useful in putting these instructions into practice.

Greenwash Guide

Greenwash Guide

Helping Employees Acquire Various Certifications

Dentsu actively encourages its employees to take the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (Eco Test), sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and has done so since the test was the first offered in 2006. The goal is to nurture, with a broad range of environmental knowledge, those employees who will play a leading role in addressing environmental issues. Additionally, in 2021 we began recommending the Environmental Kaorista Test, which can be taken online.

SDGs Slogan Solicitation

The Dentsu Japan Network solicits SDG slogans from employees and their families in each Group company. It selects and commends the outstanding ideas it receives.



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