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Human Rights Slogans and Posters

Since 1988, the Dentsu Group has been holding an annual competition for human rights slogans for Group employees and their families. The term "slogan" is used, but the entries are usually freestyle short messages such as advertising copy rather than mottoes. It is an in-house initiative that is unique to Dentsu. In fiscal 2019, there were a total of 7,843 entries (6,645 entries in the employee category and 1,198 entries in the family category).

Although the competition started as an in-house initiative, now local government bodies and corporations make requests to use the slogans and the posters are used for human rights events across Japan.

Dentsu Human Rights Posters Produced in 2019 (The 32th Program)

“Is his lineage no problem?”
“Are you no problem asking such a question?”

Theme: Eliminating discrimination against Buraku-class citizens.

The more you understand new cultures,
the wider your world would become.

Theme: For building multicultural society.



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