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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Philosophy 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct'

The Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, which is the Group's CSR philosophy, is structured around Dentsu's seven key areas for CSR activities. These activities are, namely, corporate governance, respect for human rights, ensuring a safe and civilized working environment, environmental protection, fair business practices, addressing consumer issues, and contributing to the community. The Code of Conduct articulates what all Dentsu Group managers and employees must undertake in order to fulfill their respective responsibilities to society.

It serves as a common set of principles for the Dentsu Group worldwide in conducting business.

Dentsu Group Code of Conduct

  • The Dentsu Group of companies, its ocers and employees ('we' or 'us') are committed to protecting the interests of our stakeholders by conducting business to the highest ethical standards. To achieve this commitment, we have established the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct ('Code of Conduct') to serve as our basic principles for conducting business in a socially responsible manner.
  • We will comply with the Code of Conduct in all respects.
    Outside of the Dentsu Group, we will encourage compliance with the Code of Conduct by our business partners.
  • We will comply with all national, local and international laws and regulations in all markets in which we conduct business.
  • We will respect diversity and will not discriminate on any basis. We will also respect the diverse social and cultural standards of each region in which we conduct business.

1. Corporate governance

We respect the interests of our stakeholders and will refrain from engaging in inappropriate activities or taking inappropriate risks that might harm these interests. Our ocers will take responsibility for developing and maintaining appropriate corporate governance systems.

2. Respect for human rights

We comply with internationally-recognized principles of human rights. We respect the human rights of all people connected with our business activities and will not discriminate on any basis.

3. Ensuring a safe and civilized working environment

We will ensure that our work places are safe and create a civilized working environment.

4. Environmental protection

We aim to minimize the impact of our business on the environment and contribute to making society sustainable.

5. Fair business practices

In carrying out our business we will compete fairly in all markets in which we operate.
We will avoid or appropriately manage any conicting interests.
We will not knowingly take part in any form of corrupt business practice, including bribery and money laundering.

6. Addressing consumer issues

We will strive to address consumer issues in all markets in which we operate, including by providing appropriate information to consumers and giving due attention to safety and security in all of our activities.

7. Contributing to the community

We are committed to contributing to the development of all local and global communities in which we operate and to the resolution of social issues in each community.



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