Information for Investors
An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Support for Human Resource Growth

Dentsu, which is committed to the sustainable growth of client companies and wider society in the advertising and other domains, is willing to change and will continue to take on the challenge of contributing to social development and supporting the growth of the Dentsu and client companies, as well as the maximization of employee lifetime value.

Company-wide Measures

Dentsu is developing the INPUT! 365 initiative, supporting learning and growth among all employees with the aim of enabling the diverse range of employees to maintain the motivation to grow on their own and be proactive in everyday activities based on this motivation.

To drive the latest global trends in digital technologies and leadership, and transform companies, clients, and society, we are designing and implementing programs supporting the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, skills, mindset and career autonomy. We aim to make independent learning a habit among employees, to support the accelerated expansion of individual learning and actions (growth cycle).

Further, we will enhance our management perspective and skills to support the growth of employees in the interests of being an organization that can succeed as a team. We also identify short-, medium-, and long-term issues, implementing programs supporting management’s ability to create teams and lead members to fulfill their potential.

In addition, with startup programs for new employees and annual programs for younger employees, we are focusing our efforts on laying the foundations for careers at Dentsu through training, as well as onsite collaboration, inculcating action guidelines, mindset, and basic skills that must be acquired by employees.

Screening Measures

To create new business, profits, and value, as well as contribute to the sustainable growth of the Company, Dentsu is focusing its efforts on developing human resources able to drive business while collaborating with other Group companies to become next-generation leaders.

To develop Dentsu's core competence—which, in a broad sense, is creativity—in an integrated, systematic, comprehensive, and practical manner, the New School director development program was launched in 2011. In an environment that is changing rapidly and in which uncertainty is on the rise, we are designing and implementing a Business Strength Enhancement Program to train human resources who will lead Dentsu’s transformation. The people will learn to think for themselves, involve others, and act autonomously.



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