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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Promotion of Employees' Capabilities

Dentsu's human resources development and training system can be broadly divided into the following three stages.

  1. Training to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for working at Dentsu and to foster solution (problem-solving) capabilities for the new employees
  2. Training to foster solution capabilities and expertise so that employees can play central roles in their business units after their several years at Dentsu
  3. Training to foster leadership and facilitate the acquisition of managerial knowledge in more senior employees

Based on these training objectives, Dentsu conducts a variety of human resource development programs such as for digital skills and global skills (foreign language ability, cross-cultural communication, and others). New School is a high-level director personnel development program launched in 2011.

Through a repeated cycle of assignments and feedback, the program, which is taught by top-level lecturers within Dentsu, a "model" of direction is passed down. Additionally because accurate and sophisticated direction capabilities are needed in new areas other than advertising as well, sessions taught by external lecturers active in various fields such as art, technology, and curation are incorporated.



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