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Confirmation of Employee Safety in Emergency Situations

From the standpoint of our obligation to ensure safety, and based on our business continuity plan (BCP), Dentsu has a rapidly deployable system in place for emergency situations. The system allows Groupwide confirmation of employee survival, degree of injury, and ability to establish contact.

Emergency situations in this context are those that affect Dentsu Group locations worldwide. They include disasters such as earthquakes, storm damage, and fires, as well as various other conceivable situations such as air and rail accidents, outbreak of infectious disease, and terrorist incidents.

Our system to confirm employee safety utilizes a departmentally organized contact list together with a dedicated system for the instantaneous company-wide broadcast of confirmed information. Contact points (email addresses and telephone numbers) in Japan are registered in this dedicated system in advance, allowing rapid response, and it also collects information from responses about safety status.

Confirmed results are immediately reported to management through the department in charge, response desks are established for the continuation of operations, and appropriate activities are commenced with respect to the emergency situation at hand.



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