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Employees Encouraged to Take Vacation Entitlements

It is crucial that employees are able to refresh themselves through vacation. Doing so helps fuel their ability to approach each new task with vigor, apply their strengths to achieve outstanding results, and generate new ideas.

Dentsu provides various vacation and leave systems for employees, who are encouraged to take their full vacation entitlements. In addition to regular annual paid vacation, the Company each year grants employees two consecutive days off that can be used to take vacations of five or more days by combining them with Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, annual paid vacation, and compensatory days off. In April 2010, Dentsu introduced a system to take annual paid vacation in hour increments, enabling a flexible way of working. The Company has also created a system whereby "culture leave" is granted separately to employees who are invited to compete in skiing, American football, and other sports events at national or international levels.

Each employee is aware of working hour quality and makes an effort to establish their own plans for work and rest, and optimize their schedules. In addition, as a measure to encourage people to take paid vacations, we established a day for encouraging paid vacations, designed to create an environment that makes it easier for employees to rest.

Holiday System Summary

  Type of Vacation Number of Days
Paid Annual paid vacation days Three or more years of service: 20 days
More than one but less than three years of service: 15 days
Less than one year of service: 11 days
Special consecutive vacation days 2 days each fiscal year
Accumulated vacation days Up to 120 days can be accumulated of unused annual paid vacation days that cannot be carried over. They can be taken under the following circumstances.
1) Non-work related accidents and sick leave (when taken for 7 or more consecutive days)
2) Family nursing care leave - After family nursing care leave is taken (up to 15 days per year)
3) Community service leave (up to 5 days per year)
4) Infertility leave—For employees who receive infertility treatment. Number of days: No fixed number within the range of accumulated leave (half-day paid leave is also available).
Marriage leave 7 consecutive days, including non-work days
Maternity leave Within 6 weeks before due date, and 8 weeks after birth
Wife (partner) maternity leave Three days, including the day of childbirth.
Mourning leave 1) Death of spouse, parent or child: 7 days
2) Death of sibling or spouse's parent: 5 days
3) Death of grandparent or grandchild: 3 days
Culture leave Number of days approved
Disaster leave Number of days approved
Relocation leave 1) Appointment to job at different location: up to 7 days
2) To bring family after transfer: number of days for round trip + 2 days
Long-service leave 10 days within 2 years after receipt of 20-year service award
Menstrual leave Necessary number of days (but with a maximum of 2 days paid holidays)
Family nursing care leave 5 days
Jury-duty leave Necessary number of days
Unpaid Union leave Number of days specified by labor-management agreement
Preschool child nursing care leave 10 days
Family care leave 10 days
Maternal care leave Necessary number of days



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