Information for Investors
An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Promotion of Work/Life Balance

The Company believes that a fulfilling personal life improves the quality of one's working life and that satisfying work increases one's level of self-fulfillment in life. The object of Dentsu's work/life balance (WLB) program therefore is to generate synergy between the two. The most important factor in creating a work friendly environment is health management, particularly in relation to the issue of long working hours. Dentsu has established a special in-house Human Relations Management Department, which is developing and implementing programs to reduce overtime working hours and to make it easier for employees to take holidays.

In fiscal 2013, we launched the "Female Employees Promotion Project" to create a working environment where women can continue to be active without interrupting their careers. In addition to enhancing the system, we give them opportunities to think about their careers at an early stage, such as lunch meetings with senior female employees so that they can hear about a variety of experiences and career seminars held by lecturers invited from outside the Company.



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