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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

A Workplace Environment that Fully Utilizes Employee Talent

For Dentsu—a company whose sales-point is its ideas in the field of communication—human resources are recognized as the Group's greatest asset. Hence, Dentsu is introducing a personnel system to enable the creation of a workplace environment in which the diverse potential of its employees can flourish.

Respecting Diversity

At Dentsu, there is a diverse range of jobs.

At approximately 60 directly owned Dentsu Japan Network subsidiaries, we have set up Group-wide councils to promote women’s advancement, coordinate efforts at each Group company, and share best practices and other information from the wide range of industries represented by the Group.

As part of its efforts to promote the employment of people with disabilities, the Company established Dentsu Solari, a wholly owned Group company in April 2013, which was designated as a special-purpose subsidiary in November. In addition, Dentsu continuously promotes a working environment that respects individuals, and with the specific aim to increase LGBT awareness. The Company received a Pride Index gold award in 2018 and 2019 from “work with Pride,” a private Japanese organization that evaluates companies on corporate policies related to LGBT representation, awareness-raising, human resource systems and programs, and community work.

Pride Index gold award

Work/Life Balance Support System

Dentsu has established childcare leave, modified working hours for employees raising young children, and other systems in compliance with the revised Childcare and Nursing Care Act (the Act on the Welfare of Workers Who Take Care of Children or Other Family Members, Including Child Care and Family Care Leave). It has also established a consultation office to support work/life balance.

Post-retirement Reemployment

Employees who have reached mandatory retirement age but wish to continue working and meet the recruitment standards may be reemployed as 'senior employees,' until they are 65 years old. They can use their experience in a supportive role as well as to help train younger staff members.



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