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February 28, 2020

Dentsu Inc. (President & CEO: Hiroshi Igarashi; Head Office: Tokyo) issued a press release on February 25, 2020 stating that in response to an employee testing positive for a new type of coronavirus infection (hereinafter referred to as "COVID-19"), the company has implemented remote work-based business operations (Note 1) for all of the employees in its head office building in Shiodome, Tokyo, effective from February 26.

This measure is based on government policies and action plans, with the aim of reducing opportunities for physical contact, securing work continuity for employees, and preventing the spread of further infection.
Dentsu Inc. will continue to do its utmost to ensure the well-being of employees and the safety of business partners and society as a whole, and will create an environment in which it can work together with its business partners with a sense of security going forward.
In addition, the Dentsu Head Office Building has been disinfected as required according to the instructions of the local public health center, and is currently in a safe condition.

In the press release issued on February 25, the expression "work remotely from home" was used in the title, but in accordance with the above definition the title of that press release has been amended and the expression changed to "business support based on remote work" from this press release onward.

The company will implement the following measures in order to ensure the safe and smooth execution of business operations.

1.    Measures to Enhance Remote Work
1)    Application of remote work to all of the employees working at the Dentsu Head Office Building
2)    Ongoing development of a working environment that meets information security requirements and where all of the employees can work remotely
3)    Strengthening the support desk system

2.  Clarification of the tasks that can be performed only in the Dentsu Head Office Building
1)    Secure the work space necessary for the execution of these tasks
2)    Set aside a space outside of the work zones when dealing with people outside of the company
3)    Set up a contact point for deliveries, etc.
4)    A thermographic inspection system has been installed at the main entrance to the Dentsu Head Office Building and admission will only be granted to those people confirmed to have a normal body temperature.

3.  Enhanced traceability in cases of infected persons while giving due consideration to employee privacy
1)    Cooperate with the identification of people who have been in close contact with an infected person (hereinafter referred to as "close contacts") under the guidance of the local public health center
2)    Ascertain which people are in the vicinity of the close contacts
3)    Ascertain the behavior history of the infected persons, their close contacts and the people in their vicinity
4)    A grasp of behavior history information will enable the company to determine which employees are neither infected nor a close contact, promote safe operations, and continue business operations.

4.    Thorough management of the physical condition of employees
1)    Thoroughly enforce regulations for safe business operations when visiting business partners
 (1)    Thorough hand washing and wearing of masks are mandatory
 (2)    Personnel in charge of labor management in each division will be responsible for checking the temperature and health status of all of the employees through an online questionnaire on a daily basis
 (3)    Confirmation of and compliance with business partners' regulations for COVID-19
(Only those employees who comply with these regulations are permitted to visit business partners.)
2)    Manage the execution of regulations by personnel in charge of labor management in each division. Each employee's health must be thoroughly monitored and those who are not feeling well must be instructed at an early stage to recuperate at home.

5.    Promotion of risk management according to the crisis-management level by work floor
1)    In the event of an employee becoming infected by COVID-19, that business floor where the employee is based shall be closed off and all work on that floor shall be prohibited
2)    Implement cleaning and disinfection procedures for that work floor

Dentsu Inc. is closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and will be responding quickly and appropriately as required. The company's thoughts are with all those who are impacted by COVID-19 at this time.
Note 1) Remote work: Work that is done from home or work that is done outside of the company and the home




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