Dentsu Joins the Valuable 500 International Initiative Promoting the Active Participation of People with Disabilities

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July 27, 2020

Dentsu Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Hiroshi Igarashi), announces its endorsement of, and participation in, The Valuable 500 initiative to promote the participation of people with disabilities.

Launched last year at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos, The Valuable 500 initiative calls on business leaders to foster innovations enabling people with disabilities to realize their potential value in society, business, and the economy.

In pursuit of respect for human rights as set forth in the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, we are committed to respecting employee diversity and developing solutions for people with disabilities in the advertising communication domain. As a member of The Valuable 500, Dentsu will maintain and enhance activities conducted up to now, while promoting the following initiatives.

Dentsu's Commitment
(For details, please see to the attached reference material)
1. Organization and Governance
・ The Human Rights Education Committee will establish policies related to people with disabilities and human rights education to be inculcated by employees in charge of human rights education in each division
・ Provision of a consultation service, as well as psychological and physical support for employees with disabilities

2. Office Environment
・ Application of universal design (floor renovations, signage, and marker changes, etc.)
・ Introduction of inclusive design Braille Neue in elevators and other spaces

3. In-house Training and Awareness
・ E-learning, training and seminars for all employees to raise awareness about people with disabilities and human rights
・ Dissemination, using the Company intranet, of new topics related to people with disabilities and human rights to all employees
・ Use of human rights slogans and art projects. Employees are to participate in the creation of slogans and posters aimed at raising awareness of people with disabilities and human rights
・Human rights awareness surveys: Internal human rights awareness is to be assessed every five years to aid employee understanding and awareness of people with disabilities
・ Dissemination of consultation tools and case studies regarding expressions used in advertising related to human rights and disabilities

4. Dentsu Business Domain (Advertising and Communications)
・Dentsu Diversity Lab: Focusing mainly on the creation of spaces for the active participation of employees with disabilities and the development of solutions for clients with disabilities, the lab supports corporate marketing communications to build sustainable businesses that practice diversity and inclusion
・ Parasports promotion:
> Contribute to the Para-Sports Development Network of Japan, which supports parasports competition organizations, and the development of each competition
> Parasports Lab: Use powers of technology and creativity to expand the possibilities for para-athletes and the parasports spectator experience to promote parasports
> Leverage owned media (Dentsu-ho Japanese-language website) to serialize parasports coverage and promote an understanding of parasports competitions
・ Development of Content Supporting People with Disabilities
> Develop and promote the NIN-NIN robot attendant for the visually impaired
> Develop and promote the Palm Beat music teaching tool for the hearing impaired
> Invest in the Taiwa-no-Mori® Dialog Museum, promote creative direction and other efforts
> In collaboration with Nippon Television Network Corporation and others on the 041 (ALL FOR ONE) project, develop and promote methods and designs enabling people with disabilities to enjoy sports and fashion

Dentsu will continue to create work environments facilitating the active participation of people with disabilities, while exploring the potential, ideal conditions, and a better future for all humanity. It will do this through the development of communications, tools, and designs promoting the active participation of people with disabilities in order to contribute to society.

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Reference Materials

・ Braille Neue Inclusive Design:
The Braille Neue font was developed to be read by people with visual impairments as well as the sighted.

・ Human Rights Art Project
Collaborations between Dentsu and art schools help disseminate messages about human rights using the power of communication and art.

・ Dentsu Diversity Lab
In addition to support for inclusive corporate marketing and other efforts, this multifaceted initiative aims to realize an inclusive society for people with disabilities by conducting surveys, developing solutions, and supervising the certification-related testing conducted by the Diversity Attendant Association.

・ Para-Sports Lab
Established in 2017 by 11 companies including Dentsu, this organization aims to expand the potential uses of technology for para-athletes and the parasports spectator experience to promote the spread of parasports.

・ NIN-NIN Robot Attendant for the Visually Impaired
The body-sharing robot, jointly developed by OryLab Inc. and Dentsu. This robot supports and shares bodies by enabling a person with mobility issues to become the eyes of a visually impaired person, while the visually impaired person becomes the legs of the person with mobility issues.

・ Palm Beat Music Teaching Tool for the Hearing Impaired
Jointly developed with Pyramid Film Quadra Inc. and Dentsu, this educational device uses light and vibrations to enable hearing-impaired children to learn musical rhythms and tempos.

・ Taiwa-no-Mori® Dialog Museum
This museum enables visitors to experience diversity while enjoying Dialog in the Dark entertainment, during which time they are guided by visually impaired attendants in 100% pitch blackness.

・ 041 (ALL FOR ONE) Project
This initiative develops products and services starting from a single person. This social unit project, in which Nippon Television Network Corporation, Dentsu, Japan Giving, and other organizations are involved, addresses social issues that go beyond organizations and industry frameworks.
They include 041 SPORTS, which enables people with disabilities to enjoy sports, and 041 FASHION, which creates inclusive fashion designs based on the concerns of people with disabilities.


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