Takeshi Sano  Representative Director, President and CEO

Dentsu is currently accelerating its business transformation and the advancement of its organizational culture, while continuing to place the highest priority on integrity.

At the same time, we are maximizing the capabilities of all our nearly 6,000 professional employees and strengthening the data technologies that support limitless combinations of individual skills and expertise.

In the three business domains of transformation (BX and DX), marketing (AX and CX), and content (sports and entertainment), our efforts to enhance the value we provide our clients and partners is ongoing.

As the foundation for these efforts, we continue to redefine our corporate culture to ensure that all employees play active roles while maintaining high ethical standards.

In order to create sustainable growth for our clients and partners while working to further invigorate society, Dentsu will continue to evolve and transform into a true integrated growth partner.

Representative Director, President and CEO
Dentsu Inc.

Takeshi Sano