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Efforts to Help Realize the SDGs

To assist in the realization of a sustainable society, Dentsu has set up priority areas, including respect for human rights and the reduction of adverse environmental impact. The Group has also developed initiatives that introduce renewable energy and promote diversity and decent work.

Since we view the SDGs as affecting the entire Group, we promote activities that support NGOs. Our undertakings focus, for example, on eradicating malaria and tuberculosis through the Common Ground campaign, conducted in collaboration with the world’s five largest advertising groups.

At the same time, Dentsu Team SDGs—a business-oriented project team that addresses SDGs across the Dentsu Group—provides consulting on methods for communicating these goals. With it’s work based on the Dentsu strengths embodied in the concepts of co-creation and connectivity, the team is involved in business co-creation projects.

SDGs-related Activities

Sustainability ​

The Group’s Medium-term Management Plan, announced in February 2021, established four pillars: Transformation & Growth, Operations and Margins, Capital Allocation & Shareholder Returns, and Social Impact & ESG. Based on these pillars, the Group’s goals are to achieve:

  1. An absolute reduction in CO2 of 46% and the 100% use of renewable energy (in markets where available) by 2030.
  2. An improvement in employee engagement scores.
  3. Promote a diverse and inclusive workforce.

These targets are to be achieved following an action plan requiring:

  1. Setting up a Sustainable Business Board that integrates business growth strategies in the top level of management by means of social contributions and initiatives that have social impact
  2. Helping minimize the impact of climate change
  3. Supporting the growth of Group human resources by fostering a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion, and providing work opportunities
  4. Setting up an optimal governance system for long-term business growth

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