Dentsu Diversity Lab

On Diversity: Ideas and Solutions

Dentsu Diversity Lab comprises a dedicated team tasked with addressing the challenges of diversity, which is found everywhere, while supporting the efforts in that direction of companies and society. The Group-wide organization includes professionals from a wide range of fields.

The team respects individual differences (diversity), maintains fairness and impartiality (equity), and is working to realize a society (inclusion) in which no one is excluded.

To this end, there are many themes to address, such as disabilities, gender identity, multiculturalism, and age differences. The team develops the programs, databases, and networks that it provides to clients as solutions.


Business/management: Future growth strategies will be based on the perspective of diversity. We provide assistance through methods and programs that invigorate organizations from within, thus enabling those enterprises to understand their clients’ true needs.

Product development: As challenges change, so do the solutions required. The team’s insight and approach to challenges allows it to ascertain the needs of business operators and supporters, while offering methods of development and improvement aimed at the co-creation of products and services that people will appreciate.

Advertising Communication: The team crafts communications design which convey messages that include everyone in Japan’s aging and increasingly globalized society. The team also suggests the use of expressions and measures that connect with people in various social positions.

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