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Integrated Growth Partner

Integrated Growth Partner (IGP)

Dentsu provides Integrated Growth Solutions by discovering intrinsic challenges underlying complex and sophisticated corporate issues.

As an IGP, we go beyond advertising and marketing to support client company growth from a broader perspective, thus contributing to the growth of wider society.

IGP in Four Business Domains


Sophisticated advertising communications

BXBusiness Transformation

Overall business transformation

CXCustomer Experience

Customer experience transformation

DXDigital Transformation

Marketing infrastructure transformation

Dentsu has the expertise to generates value leading to client-company growth in four business domains.
In addition, we are able to facilitate linkages across domains to realize business transformation and growth cycles.

Business Transformation and Growth Model

Business Transformation and Growth Model image
AX Advertising Transformation Sophisticated advertising communications
BX Business Transformation Overall business transformation
CX Customer Experience Transformation Customer experience transformation
DX Digital Transformation Marketing infrastructure transformation

Introducing Capabilities in Each Domain

—The domain to realize client growth and transformation—

To deliver top line growth to client companies, Dentsu is committed to helping them expand while providing the necessary support. That includes facilitating business transformation, new business creation, and internal corporate reform.

Imagining the Future, Embracing Change

In discussions with senior management at major Japanese companies, the issue that has most frequently arisen is the inability to create and grow new 0-to-1 value.
The major organizations in question will have talented employees, as well as their industry’s unparalleled intellectual property, knowledge, and networks. At the same time, they will have at their disposal human resources and consultants with strengths in digital technologies.
Yet, invariably, it will be businesses that are outsiders which will disrupt industries. So why is it that companies can’t by themselves achieve such transformation?

Shingo Yamahara

Executive Director
BX Design Division

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Market Creation Approach

All companies, regardless of industry or type of business, recognize issues such as the inability to spur on new value creation in-house, and the realization that what previously have been considered core values, now no longer are viable. This recognition underpins BX.

At the same time, the purpose and strategy of BX, namely, the how and why of reshaping what, up to now, has been cultivated as commonplace, requires a sense of inevitability, as well as stories that are easy to understand and in line with individual company businesses.

Akihiko Fuchi

General Manager / BX Director
BX Design Division

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Advancing BX with Creativity
Creative Center Provides Value

Expanding the creative abilities that have produced advertising up to now—from DX and business innovations to new business creation— BX Creative Center supports business transformation starting with output that assumes implementation throughout society.

Naoki Mori

Creative Director
General Manager of Experience Design Department

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Our business domain for designing and realizing optimal customer experiences

We maximize long-term experiential value for customers by realizing optimal journeys through integration of data and creativity.

New Customer Experience: Taking on the Challenge
Using the Power of the Right and Left Brain

At present, the concept of customer experience (CX) is being transformed from its application in a narrow sense to that in a broad sense. To date, CX has represented a small part of the experience of existing customers, involving customer support at customer centers or the resolution of customer issues.

However, from the perspective of the customer, becoming aware of a product, gradually becoming fond of it, purchasing it for the first time, and recommending it to others is a seamless series of processes that originally might have been perceived as a single experience. Thus, in a broad sense, CX includes all the customer experiences a brand offers: advertising, sales channel, and existing customer support experiences.

Susumu Namikawa

Customer Experience Creative Center
Executive Creative Director

Yasuhito Kaizuka

Managing Director
Data Marketing Center

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Customer Intelligence—a Path to Successful Customer Experiences and Imaginative Strategies

Our efforts, over the past few years, to design customer experiences and promote the digital transformation of Japan have accelerated amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Clients are asking us to explain what customer experience (CX) entails, and expressing a desire for the digital transformation (DX) of their businesses, although they are not sure how to use the data they have.

In our view, their concerns are rooted in a tendency to treat the means as an end. For example, clients typically want to adopt customer relationship management tools to design customer experiences and to use data for its own sake. In other words, the purpose is to apply these means. More importantly, however, we need to begin by considering the essence of the customer experience.

Masafumi Tanizawa

Integrated Solutions Division 1
Senior Solution Director

Chika Mitsui

Integrated Solutions Division 1
Marketing Strategist

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Our business domain for transforming marketing foundation of our clients

We support building business growth by transforming marketing foundation of our clients for evolution of business, customer experience, and advertisement.

Realizing Business Innovation, Growth

With the spread of digital technologies and especially smartphones as part of our daily lives, companies are changing the way they do business. From providing products that consumers buy and own, companies increasingly are providing services for which consumers must pay to continue using.

In the case of cars, the need to purchase and own a car has shifted to car sharing, especially in urban areas. Meanwhile, a growing number of people are enjoying music through online services rather than purchasing CDs. In many areas of everyday life, the need to own is changing to a wish only to use.

Gosuke Kato

Executive DX Director
Business Transformation Division

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New Services Drive Marketing DX

It is difficult to encapsulate DX in a few words, as it has many elements. Dentsu defines the area related to consumer perspectives, aimed at corporate BX and growth, as marketing DX. In addition, Dentsu supports the creation of infrastructure that allows marketing innovation.

Particularly important for marketing DX are developing:

  • New services, which are the backbone of BX
  • Marketing infrastructure to support business growth

The following is an overview of the perspectives Dentsu values in terms of the development of new services.

Yoko Kodaira

General Manager
DX Business Strategy Department
Business Transformation Division

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Data Supports DX of Business Growth

Within DX, Dentsu defines the area related to consumer perspectives aimed at corporate BX and growth as marketing DX, and provides all-out support for the creation of infrastructure that provides marketing innovation.

Particularly important for marketing DX are developing:

  • New services, which are the backbone of BX
  • Marketing infrastructure to support business growth

Following is an overview of what Dentsu values in terms of the development of marketing infrastructure to support business growth.

Hirofumi Hamaguchi

Managing Director
Data & Technology Center

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Anonymized Customer Data in Cookie-free Digital Marketing

The use of cookies, Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), and other personal identifier data have become increasingly restricted in recent years as a result of revisions to related laws amid growing global awareness of the need to protect personal information.

With the coming arrival of a post-cookie era, the arena for digital marketing is shifting from the cookies-based OpenWeb platform to anonymized customer data supplied by major platform providers, such as operators of loyalty points programs.

Data clean rooms have emerged along with this shift. A data clean room is a marketing environment provided to corporate clients by platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Within a secure cloud location, first-party data held by corporate clients and data stored on the platform can be shared, analyzed, and used for distributing advertisements and other information.

Shun Maekawa

Data Technology Center
General Manager

Sohei Mitani

Data Technology Center
General Manager

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Some Benefits of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data generated by digitalized products, services, and operational procedures are being used to reform businesses and improve processes that are regarded as important components of digital transformation. In this article, I discuss how this is relevant to marketing, as well as Dentsu’s related capabilities and initiatives.

Dr. Konosuke Noto

Data Scientist

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DX Uses AI, Sales Promotions to Boost Fandom

In this section, some DX initiatives are introduced that are used in sales promotions to resolve issues such as proof of purchase. This is done from three perspectives: that of a sales promotion director, namely, Junpei Takahashi; a data analyst, Shinichiro Hirakawa; and a data scientist, Hatsumi Suzuki.

Junpei Takahashi

Digital Promotion Division

Shinichiro Hirakawa

Data Analyst,
Data Technology Center,
Dentsu Inc.

Hatsumi Suzuki

Department Director
AI Solution Division
Dentsu Digital Inc.

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Can more value be added to digital advertising?

When it comes to media, such as television and newspapers, advertisers are limited to purchasing advertising slots. But, a full-page ad in a newspaper looks the same no matter who sees it.

But in the world of digital advertising, all this changes. Auctions are held each time an ad is displayed, and the ad shown is that submitted by the auction winner—the company. This ensures that all digital media users see the ads most appropriate for them. In other words, users see different ads even when looking at the same advertising spaces.

Sohei Mitani

Data Technology Center
General Manager

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Big Data Transforming Business, Marketing

In modern society, which is flooded with massive amounts of information (big data), rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies have heightened expectations for the use of big data to improve the accuracy of business and marketing, so as to enhance corporate competitiveness.

Dentsu is working with the Dentsu Group and its partner companies to develop a variety of business-related methodologies and solutions. Its motivation is based on the recognition that the goal of digital transformation is to build systems that uncover information that is useful for capturing opportunities. This is done through big data analysis, which is then used in business and marketing decision-making.

Hiroyuki Sakuragi

General Manager, Data Technology Center
Marketing Director

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Our business domain for realizing sophisticated and efficient advertising

We contribute to business growth by maximizing advertising performance through creativity, digital expertise, and professional operation, empowered by evolving media platform.

Advertising Transformation:
Maximizing Effects of Digital Data

As Dentsu works to achieve advertising transformation (AX) and so maximize advertising value, one may well ask why AX is necessary.
The reason is that Dentsu is committed to assisting client companies attain sustainable growth, and a necessary element of this is marketing, which domain includes advertising. In short, realizing our mission hinges on maximizing the benefits of advertising.

In this context, Dentsu is always considering whether there is room to increase further its contribution to business growth through the sale of products and services.

Taira Fusegawa

Chief of Next-Generation Broadcasting
Executive Media & Digital Director
Radio, TV Business Produce Division

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Enhancing Dentsu’s Singularity
— Advertising Transformation (AX) through Content Solutions—

As society undergoes substantial changes, the world of advertising, which has been Dentsu’s field of business since its founding, is also changing significantly. To continue contributing to the growth of client companies and the resolution of social issues, Dentsu is accelerating its AX. Below, we introduce some solutions that are part of the Company’s ongoing change.

Yusuke Nii

Content Business Design Center
Chief Producer
Content Solution Network Organizer

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