Naoki Mori

Naoki Mori
Creative Director
General Manager of Experience Design Department

Expanding the creative abilities that have produced advertising up to now—from DX and business innovations to new business creation— BX Creative Center supports business transformation starting with output that assumes implementation throughout society.

The Center captures the essence of products, discovers challenges, communicates appeal in an easily understandable manner, and creates unforgettable messages.

Communications design is needed throughout the world. To this end, the Center proposes topics that make society appear interesting. Above all, the Center understands the consumers’ point of view.

The emergent and expressive power of Dentsu creativity, which has thus far successfully resolved numerous issues, is fused with various approaches that include strategic and design consulting. We have helped clients achieve success with solutions such as client experience design, UI, purpose verbalization, and visualization.

Functions Provided

  • Purpose design, verbalization, and visualization
  • Human-centric design and design consulting
  • Service design
  • Design research
  • Digital platform, IoT, UI, and UX design
  • Product design
  • Space design
  • Brand design and rebranding
  • Business strategy design
  • New business development
  • Acquisition and support of designs and patents
  • Growth program development
  • Proof of concept
  • Co-creative business implementation, open innovation
  • Content marketing
  • B2B marketing
  • Brand development and rebranding
  • Ideation

Provided Value

Through cocreation involving creativity and various talents, and the fusion of creativity with various approaches, we provide value which starts with feasible output that contributes to creating long-term engagement and business.

Provided Value

BX Creative Center Functions, Main Initiatives

■ Experience design

Comprising a group of experts supporting client-company business growth and innovation. Experience design depends on execution.

We support business growth through client-experience innovation, based on experience design. Further, amid digitization and technological advances, the rise of startup companies, borderless businesses, and other substantial changes in the business environment, we are engaged in the creation and promotion of innovation, as well as the perpetuation and expansion of client company competitive advantages.

Work to date

■ Frog Design

Through our partnership with global design consulting firm Frog Design, we provide world-class client experiences.

With studios in 16 cities across the globe, the world’s largest design company, Frog, supports innovation with design. By fusing Dentsu’s communications and Frog’s design capabilities, we help Japanese companies grow and innovate.


Creating and communicating together.
We are no longer living in an era when, simply because good products and services have been created, people will purchase and use them.

Communication should be considered from the time of creation, while manufacturing should be calculated backwards, from communication. Viewed from this perspective, design will change dramatically.

Through comprehensive provision—from the formulation of strategies and planning to product design, communication design, and sales—we support new designs born from the concept of creation and communication.

■ Material ConneXion Tokyo

We collaborate with Material ConneXion Tokyo, manager of the world’s largest materials library, to create new customer experiences using materials.

At the Material ConneXion Tokyo library, users may browse cutting-edge materials collected from around the world, and may handle materials on display at the permanent exhibition. In addition, the library manages and runs a global shared database.

The library contributes to the sustainable and innovative corporate development of products by providing comprehensive solutions, from material-related consulting to product designs and communications.

■ FutureVision Studios

FutureVision Studios visualizes and incorporates the potential for companies to advance.

It collaborates with astamuse company ltd., a consulting group that leverages a massive amount of data to estimate promising areas of growth, as well as with Dentsu Future Creative Center, a creative group that resolves complex issues using breakthrough ideas, to support new business development.

Further, FutureVision Studios provides multiple futures prediction data, using breakthrough ideas to discover unexpected possibilities that one company alone could not be expected to figure out.

The business development program devised by the three collaborating companies has proved effective in this era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, when it is difficult to predict future changes.

It is also helpful for developing visions for setting up consortiums and startups, as well as content for expos and other events that inform future advances.

■ dentsu Shopping Experience and Transformation

This website is designing sales and purchasing experiences for a new era and from consumer perspectives.

Lifestyles, technologies, and brand—consumer relationships are undergoing rapid change, which has been given additional impetus by the pandemic. In a society where the line between online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred, new client experiences are required that bring everything together.

We design new sales and purchasing experiences in an era in which online is merging with offline. The acronym SX refers to both shopping transformation and shopping experience, with both transformation and experience being supported by technology and creativity.

Offering one-stop services at each stage—from strategy and implementation to operations—we support brand growth using the most effective solutions, and take a neutral approach for both physical stores and the digital domains.


Naoki Mori

Naoki Mori

Creative Director
General Manager of Experience Design Department

Naoki Mori joined Dentsu in 2009, after having worked in the area of optical equipment marketing at market research companies, as well as at internet ventures.
He is collaborating with Frog and a US design consulting company to develop business for domestic companies and provide support for business and innovation using digital tools and technologies.
He is a member of the Japan Advertiser Association Japan Web Advertising Bureau board and Mobile Committee chairman.
Mori’s publications include The Mobile Shift (co-authored with Keiko Tsuyama, published by ASCII Media Works). He has won a Silver award at ADFEST INTERACTIVE, a PR Grand Prix at Spikes Asia, and prizes at the Good Design Award and other competitions. He is an official speaker at the ad:tech tokyo global marketing conference and exhibition.