May 19, 2020

Dentsu Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) has been continuously driving various reform measures since it announced “Working Environment Reform Plan” on July 27, 2017, an initiative developed jointly by management and employees with input from external consultants.

Until last year, the Company announced updates on the Progress with Working Environment Reforms (results of the previous year) once a year in February (for 2019 results, the announcement was made in March 2020). From 2020, the Company provides its results every quarter with additional information.

The quarterly results to be disclosed include: Number of employees violating Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act (daily and monthly); Total work hours per employee (quarterly); Hours in excess of statutory work hours per employee (monthly average), and; Number of workplace harassment consultations brought to the consultation desk set up in Human Resources Division (quarterly total). The number of paid-holidays taken per employee and the usage rate of paid-holiday per employee (statutory paid-holiday) will be reported annually.

We will further drive our multifaceted and comprehensive reforms to achieve the reduction of working hours and improvement of the quality of business performances simultaneously.

2020 Q1 Results (January – March)

Indicators 2020 Q1 Results 2019 Q1 Results
Number of employees violated Article 36
Number of employees violated Article 36
Total hours worked per employee
452.1 hrs
(16.5 hrs less YOY)
468.6 hrs
Hours in excess of statutory work hours
(monthly average)
3.7 hrs
(2.7 hrs less YOY)
6.4 hrs
Number of harassment consultations received at the consultation desk (quarterly)* 10
(16 less YOY)

* The numbers represent the harassment-related consultations (quarterly total) brought from all offices in Japan to the consultation desk in our Human Resources Division and not actual cases identified by the Company as harassment. We will continue to heighten the awareness of employees and create a favorable environment for employees to speak up through the efforts of employee training and proper staffing of the consultation desk to put an end to the workplace harassment.

The next report is scheduled for late July or early August, covering the results of 2020 second quarter (from April to June) and the first half (from January to June).