May 31, 2022

Dentsu Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) has been driving Working Environment Reform efforts since 2017, and is happy to provide an update based on the 2022 First Quarter (“Q1”) results.

The quarterly results for disclosure include: The number of employees violating Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act (daily and monthly); total work hours per employee (quarterly total); the hours in excess of statutory work hours per employee (monthly average); and the Number of workplace harassment consultations brought to the consultation desk (quarterly). The number of paid-holidays taken per employee and the usage rate of paid-holiday per employee (statutory paid-holiday) are reported annually.

2022 Q1 Results (January-March)

Indicators 2022 Q1 Results
2021 Q1 Results
Number of employees violated Article 36
Number of employees violated Article 36
Total hours worked per employee
495.5 hrs
(21.3 hrs less YOY)
516.8 hrs
Hours in excess of statutory work hours per employee
(monthly average)
11.5 hrs
(3.1 hrs less YOY)
14.6 hrs
Number of harassment consultations received at the consultation desk
(7 less YOY)
  • The figures represent the number of consultations brought from all offices to the harassment consultation desk set up in the Company’s HR during the relevant periods. The cases were not necessarily identified by the Company as instances of actual harassment.
    We will continue to enhance training and consultation desks to raise employee awareness and create an environment that is easy for employees to consult with, and to promote enlightenment activities aimed at eliminating harassment.

The next report is scheduled for August, covering the results of 2022 Second Quarter (April-June) and the First Half (Jan-June).