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Creator of the Year

Creator of the Year tells the story

The Japan Advertising Agencies Association selects a creative professional, involved in the most creative work of the year, to receive the Creator of the Year award. Dentsu employees have won the award 30 of the 32 times it has been given.

2020 Ryohei Manabe DENTSU INC.
2019 Kazunori Kawagoshi DENTSU INC.
Yusuke Kanda Hakuhodo Inc.
2018 Toshihiko Tanabe DENTSU INC.
2017 Yusuke Sato DENTSU INC.
2016 Kaoru Sugano DENTSU INC.
2015 Makoto Shinohara DENTSU INC.
2014 Kaoru Sugano DENTSU INC.
2013 Takuma Takasaki DENTSU INC.
2012 Koichi Ito DENTSU INC.
2011 Atsushi Oogi DENTSU INC.
2010 Takuma Takasaki DENTSU INC.
2009 Kota Tohata DENTSU INC.
2008 Yoshimitsu Sawamoto DENTSU INC.
2007 Yoshihiro Sato DENTSU INC.
2006 Yoshimitsu Sawamoto DENTSU INC.
2005 Yuya Furukawa DENTSU INC.
2004 Kazufumi Nagai Hakuhodo Inc.
2003 Kazunori Saito DENTSU INC.
2002 Takaaki Yamazaki DENTSU INC.
2001 Shinichi Fukusato DENTSU INC./One Sky Inc.
2000 Yoshimitsu Sawamoto DENTSU INC.
1999 Nobuhiro Nakaji DENTSU INC.
1998 Hiroshi Sasaki DENTSU INC.
1997 Taku Tada DENTSU INC.
1996 Yasumichi Oka DENTSU INC.
1995 Teruhiko Ando Hakuhodo Inc.
1994 Kunihiko Tainaka DENTSU INC.
1993 Hiroshi Sasaki DENTSU INC.
1992 Yukio Oshima DENTSU INC.
1991 Tatsuya Ishii DENTSU INC.
1990 Masahiko Sato DENTSU INC.
1989 Takehiko Miura DENTSU INC.



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