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The Dentsu Way goes global

The bestseller in Japan introducing the pioneering cross communication method of Dentsu is now available in English under the title "The Dentsu Way: Secrets of Cross Switch Marketing from the World's MOST INNOVATIVE ADVERTISING AGENCY". The book's co-authors, Kotaro Sugiyama, then Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Inc., and Tim Andree, then Executive Officer, Dentsu Inc., and CEO, Dentsu Network West, with input from the Dentsu Cross Switch team, reveal the proven tactics, strategies and tools behind Dentsu's innovative, breakthrough marketing approach: 'Cross Switch'.

Cross Switch is a term coined by Dentsu to define the concept of "flipping a switch in the consumer's mind," through the creation of scenarios to move targets and capture their hearts through calibrated contact points EThus breaking through the clutter and maximizing the search, action and sharing consumers will do when they respond to a campaign. The scenarios are designed to move the philosophy, psychology, design and concept of a campaign across media and multiple contact points, and lead the consumer to experience new levels of engagement and purchase action with a brand's products or services.

The Dentsu Way also provides an overview of the Dentsu Group's rich history, corporate philosophy "Good Innovation," and the newest, proprietary tools and analysis methods for campaign planning.



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