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Dentsu Wins Triple Crown at ADFEST 2017
Dentsu Named Network of the Year and Agency of the Year, Interactive Agency of the Year for the Fourth Year Running

Dentsu Wins Triple Crown at ADFEST 2017

Sawadikap (Hello!)
From March 22, the 20th Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (ADFEST 2017) was held over four days in Pattaya, Thailand. There were entries not only from the Asia-Pacific area but also from the Middle East region. With 1,342 delegates gathered from 72 cities, the festival was a forum in which participants could truly experience the diversity of advertising in Asia.

The Roots of ADFEST, which Continues to Grow

The theme adopted for the 20th anniversary of ADFEST was “20 Years of Diversity.” A design team led by Group Creative Director Yoshihiro Yagi of CDC created a festival logo to fit with this theme. The logo expresses boldly yet simply the diversity and ongoing evolution of ADFEST using a tree roots-based motif.

Dentsu Wins Triple Crown at ADFEST 2017

Dentsu Achieves the Triple Crown

Dentsu Group companies won four Grande Lotuses, ten Gold Lotuses, seventeen Silver Lotuses and twenty-one Bronze Lotuses. In addition, Dentsu Group companies took away one Branded Content Lotus, two Effective Lotuses and one Integrated Lotus. These results helped propel the Dentsu Group to achieving the Triple Crown—Network of the Year, Agency of the Year and Interactive Agency of the Year. Executive Creative Director Yuya Furukawa of CDC commented, “The unique feature of ADFEST 2017 for Dentsu was the numerous awards received by fresh winners from both the Japan offices and the Group’s overseas offices, in addition to Dentsu’s regular stable of winners. If it had not been for this factor, we could not have taken away the Network of the Year award. We have seen a fantastic improvement over the past few years of the overall standard achieved by the Dentsu Group. I wish to pay my respects to the leadership of Ted Lim.” Accepting the Network of the Year Award together with Mr. Furukawa was Ted Lim, Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Brand Agencies APAC. On acceptance, Mr. Lim commented, “A record number of 7 Dentsu Asia-Pacific offices won an unprecedented Grand Prix, 1 Integrated Lotus, 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 7 Bronze awards at ADFEST this year. This is a modest achievement by Dentsu Japan’s standards. We are happy to have contributed to Dentsu winning the overall Network of the Year at ADFEST 2017.”

The Grande Lotus in the Mobile category was won by KIBO SCIENCE 360—A SPACE EXPERIMENT WITH GOOGLE. This was a project through which anyone who wanted to could get a feel for what it is like to be an astronaut by making a space helmet from Google Cardboard. The project also involved the challenge of carrying out a wide range of experiments in space together with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Astronaut Takuya Onishi during his mission on the International Space Station (ISS).

Dentsu Wins Triple Crown at ADFEST 2017

The Grande Lotus in the Effective category was won by a television commercial for Akagi Nyugyo. Ice Pops Garigarikun has been a longtime favorite of Japanese consumers. The retail price of this product was raised for the first time in 25 years, from 60 yen to 70 yen. The TV commercial created to tell consumers of this change was both simple and humorous. The client company’s president apologized for the price hike. Under normal circumstances, no one would want to make such an apology. But the commercial was highly appraised for its wittiness.

Dentsu Wins Triple Crown at ADFEST 2017

The Grande Lotus in the Branded Content & Entertainment category was won by Dentsu Taiwan for the Glenlivet single malt whiskey “Single Belief”. This was a movie directed by two world-renowned directors to express the brand concept. This very ambitious ad displayed the brand’s confidence and was praised for evoking the value of doing things at one’s own pace.

Dentsu Wins Triple Crown at ADFEST 2017

The Grand Lotus in the INNOVA category was taken away by Toyota’s i-ROAD “Smile Lock Outlet.” This focused on the planning, design and development of the IOT power outlet module, which makes it possible to charge the i-ROAD by installing the module on ordinary power outlets. The module achieves such features as a preprogrammed reservation function and visualization of the data used. It enables the effective utilization of unused outside power outlets, and is a demonstration experiment aiming to realize a high degree of freedom in vehicle charging.

Dentsu Wins Triple Crown at ADFEST 2017

Meanwhile, Yoshikaze Kanezawa of DENTSU CREATIVE X Inc. was selected as one of the “Fabulous Four” for the short film competition section for young video creators. This honor was for Mr. Kanezawa’s short film titled “Floating Father.”



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