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Dentsu Named Network of the Year at ADFEST 2018


Adfest (formerly the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival) has emerged as one of the world’s premiere advertising awards events. This year it was held in Pattaya, Thailand, from March 21 to 24, with about 1,300 people attending from 67 cities in Asia and other parts of the world.

The theme of the event—now in its 21st year—was “Transform,” which symbolizes how creativity has become increasingly important in the shift toward digitalization, and is changing the shape of ideas to suit the times, connecting brands, companies, and services with people, and transforming how we perceive and experience things in our daily lives.

All kinds of companies participated in the event, including advertising companies from Japan, production companies, and client firms. The competition among the many entries submitted was also very intense. Participants from China and South Korea have been entering an increasing number of ads and winning more and more prizes each year, and they made their presence felt again at Adfest 2018.

Entered works were put on display and various seminars and workshops were held at the venue. Producers from countries and regions worldwide directly explained how they made the ads exhibited in their booths, which is a unique feature of Adfest. Participants had many valuable opportunities to learn, collect information, and network over the four days of the event.

Dentsu ONE Seminar

A seminar held by Dentsu One Bangkok entitled "Innovative Business Solutions Beyond Advertising" was jointly led by the company's President and CEO Yuichi Toyoda and Chief Creative Officer Subun Khow


Taproot Dentsu CCO/co-founder Santosh Padhi led the Outdoor Lotus and Press Lotus as jury president

As you would expect, everyone’s eyes were focused on the advertising awards, which were presented at awards ceremonies held on the final two evenings of the event. A total of 2,823 entries in 18 categories had been submitted. One after another, awards were presented to members of the Dentsu Group from the Tokyo headquarters and various subsidiaries based in the Asia-Pacific region, and Dentsu was crowned as the Network of the Year for the second straight year. Altogether, Group companies received a total of 50 awards—two Grande, 11 Gold, 18 Silver, and 15 Bronze awards, along with one Branded Content Lotus, two Effective Lotus, and one Integrated Lotus prizes.

Network of the Year

Dentsu members receiving the Network of the Year award

Highlights of award-winning ads produced by the Dentsu Group

Emergency Collectibles

Emergency Collectibles for Kobe Shimbun

Featured on two full pages of the Kobe Shimbun newspaper, Dentsu created an illustrated list of necessary items to take to an emergency shelter following a disaster. The purpose of the ad was to raise awareness of disaster preparedness among families by encouraging them to talk about the items while placing them on top of the newspaper pages, and to more effectively prepare an emergency bag of items, which would also improve conditions at emergency shelters.

The work received a Branded Content Lotus prize, a Gold award in the Media Lotus and Press Lotus categories, respectively, and a Grande for Humanity prize, Adfest’s highest award for socially conscious ads that benefit the public.

(Dentsu, Tokyo)

Sumo Girls

Sumo Girls for the 101st Kanazawa High School Sumo Wrestling Tournament for Hokkoku Shimbun

This ad was created to promote a sumo wrestling tournament that has been held by a high school in Japan for over a century, and to make sumo wrestling more appealing to potential spectators and participants, especially since it is not as topical as sports like baseball and soccer. The ad received a Grande award in the Print Craft Lotus Category.

(Dentsu, Tokyo)

Alert Ad

Alert Ad for the Victorian Government

This campaign was produced in an effort to reduce damage caused by bushfires in the state of Victoria, Australia, by converting the Google AdWords online advertising service into a real-time bushfire alert system. It received Gold and Silver awards in several categories, including the Media Lotus category.

(BWM Dentsu, Melbourne)

Dead Whale

Dead Whale for Greenpeace

For this project, what appeared to be a corpse of a huge dead whale suddenly washed up on the most polluted coast of the Philippines was discovered by people approaching it to be entirely made of plastic. It was a strategic intervention that successfully induced leaders participating in an ASEAN summit held in the country at the same time to take concrete actions for reducing plastic pollution. It received an Effective Lotus prize along with Gold awards in several other categories.

(Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Manila)

Watching posters

Watching Posters for Panasonic

This ad campaign promoted high-tech security cameras using a low-tech method. Semi-relief posters featuring the faces of policemen, guards, and other security personnel were produced using molds made from clay reliefs. Through a simple but ingenious technique, the faces could move inside the poster, and for people walking by, appear to be following their movements. The posters attracted considerable attention at places like technology fairs and consumer electronics stores. The campaign received a Gold award in the Outdoor Lotus category.

(Taproot Dentsu, Mumbai)

(Corporate Communications Division, Dentsu, Tokyo, Eddie Chia)



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