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Japan's Most Authoritative Advertising Awards
Winners decided for the 69th Dentsu Advertising Awards

The 69th Dentsu Advertising Awards Screening Committee met at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo on Friday, May 27, 2016 to decide the award winners. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. stole the limelight by winning the Dentsu Advertising Grand Award, and KDDI Corporation was selected as winner of the Dentsu Advertising Awards Special Award (For Influence). The award ceremony was held on July 1 at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa.

Origin of the Dentsu Advertising Awards

The Dentsu Advertising Awards were established in 1947 by Hideo Yoshida, Dentsu's fourth president, for the purpose of "contributing to the progress of advertising activity in Japan." They were held for the first time the next year, in 1948. Then-president Yoshida was fervent about the awards, declaring that "as long as they promote the development of the advertising business, the Dentsu Advertising Awards should last, regardless of conditions at Dentsu."

In the 10th year of the awards, the Dentsu Advertising Awards Screening Committee was set up as an impartial institution, and it has operated as a third-party institution since that time. This approach facilitates fair judgment of all companies' works, not only those produced by the Dentsu Group. The Dentsu Advertising Awards are held in high esteem, and are considered the most authoritative advertising awards in Japan. Each April, regional screening is conducted at five locations throughout Japan, and qualifiers from this round are brought to Tokyo where the final selection is made. Nationwide, there were 491 screening committee members, around 70% of whom were advertisers. No other advertising awards in the world conduct screening as strongly represented advertiser participation.

69th Award Winners

Winners were selected in 28 divisions across eight categories: Newspaper Advertising, Magazine Advertising, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Out-of-Home Media Advertising, Digital Media Advertising, Activation Planning and Innovative Approach. The divisions and categories are revised each year, taking into account trends within the advertising industry. In the past, configuration of the award categories has reflected a central focus on media advertising creative. The addition of two new categories in the current awards— Activation Planning and Innovative Approach—clearly acknowledges the importance given to solution planning.

Japan's Most Authoritative Advertising Awards

Final screening committee meeting

A total of 1,505 entries were submitted as candidates this year. Of this number, 390 were considered during the final selection phase, and 62 received awards. This year's awards were unique in the number of regional entries selected, as well as the large number of award-winning works with closely linked regional themes. For example, Ishiya Co., Ltd. was a winner in the Newspaper Advertising category for "Shiroi Koibito (Take me on the Shinkansen)"; the city of Kobayashi, Miyazaki Prefecture, won in the Digital Media category with "PR promoting moving (Oh, My Kobayashi!)"; and the Roppongi Shopping District Promotion Association won the Innovative Approach category with "ROPPONGI HALLOWEEN 2015 (Dress up the Trash)." As these results indicate, numerous winners of the Excellence Awards and Outstanding Awards were works that leveraged regional and local characteristics.

Japan's Most Authoritative Advertising Awards

Final screening underway (Out-of-Home Media)

This year's contest was a hard-fought competition to divide out the awards in the eight categories among eight companies and the 20 divisional Excellence Awards among 19 companies. One reason for the difficulty was that advertisers are employing increasingly diverse means of communication, developing their communications in detailed ways according to their various targets. Amid this battle, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., won in the Television Advertising Award category, as well as taking two Excellence Awards, winning the Dentsu Advertising Grand Award for being the only company to earn two Excellence Awards.

Japan's Most Authoritative Advertising Awards

Dentsu Television Advertising Award
Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Calorie Mate "Reveal Your Hidden Strengths"

Japan's Most Authoritative Advertising Awards

Dentsu Digital Media Advertising Award
Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture "Oh, My Kobayashi!"

Japan's Most Authoritative Advertising Awards

Dentsu Innovative Approach Award
Roppongi Shopping District Promotion Association "Dress up the Trash."

The Dentsu Advertising Awards Special Award (For Influence) was won by telecommunications carrier KDDI Corporation for its rollout of the "au Santaro Series." The campaign penetrates across a broad range of unique characters using the brand slogan "A new freedom. au." and was given high marks for driving interest in its diverse product lineup.

Next year marks a major milestone, the 70th Dentsu Advertising Awards. Our aim is for these to remain authoritative advertising awards that reflect their times, as well as repeated and persistent innovation. In this sense, we believe the awards are an important asset for Dentsu that we aim to pass on to the next generation.

Masahiko Shirosaki

Masahiko Shirosaki

The Dentsu Advertising Awards
Selection Council
Secretary General



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