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Dentsu Launches "DENTSU SPACE LAB," a Special Team for Space Projects
The place to go at Dentsu for space-related consultation that applies in the rest of the world

Background for the Establishment of DENTSU SPACE LAB

Space-related topics have been coming up frequently in recent years. But space is far away…don’t you sometimes wonder if it has any bearing on us at all? Actually, learning about and developing space may have serious potential for making our lives more comfortable and richer. How are the technologies cultivated in space being used in our lives? The space business is likely to become an increasing point of focus. Already, a number of Dentsu employees are beginning to get involved in space-related businesses.

Against this backdrop, this June we set up within Dentsu the cross-organizational DENTSU SPACE LAB, with Kenji Oda as representative, to become fully involved in space-related initiatives.



Designed to express an important idea of the DENTSU SPACE LAB: ultimate comfort.
Produced as a Lissajous curve, with lines inscribed through the use of a pendulum and gravity.

In addition to space-themed creative and campaigns and the development of corporate products and services, the lab may become involved in new business development. Precisely because they are born in extreme conditions, space technologies have the potential to help realize an enjoyable society for many people. We will expand the potential of space through creative ideas.

Numerous Space-Related Successes near You

To date, Dentsu has involved space in numerous creative examples and campaigns. For efforts using this theme, we have paid most attention to "bringing hard-to-see space closer, where we can see it."


Space Part-Timer

A currently ongoing series that has gained support from many young people in Japan as a new genre in part-time work. An experiment to test whether normal part-time work can be done in a space-like environment. In the first round, applicants took on the challenge of using a spatula and packing up for a move in zero-gravity space.

For example, in the "Space Part-Timer" series for Townwork by Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd., a recruiting site, we experimented with the idea of whether the sort of part-time work handled on the ground could be done in space. The idea of a new genre of part-time work quickly became a hot topic on the web, and was developed into a television commercial.

Meanwhile, the world’s first astronaut experience app, "kibo360˚," recreates the inside of the International Space Station, making it real with 360-degree coverage within the app. In 2012, THE SPACE HANGOUT event using Google’s new Hangout communication tool enabled a simultaneous video chat between users’ home PCs and smartphones and an astronaut at the International Space Station. For everyone, this represented the first time in the world that the Internet had been used to connect with space.



The world’s first astronaut experience app. Fully recreates the inside of the International Space Station in 360 degrees from various angles. If users walk while holding a mobile device, the scene changes as they move. Named the App Store Best of 2013 in an overall ranking in the educational division.

In addition, we are involved in a six-year support campaign (from 2014 to 2020) for the "Hayabusa 2" asteroid explorer of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).


Hayabusa 2

A support campaign for Hayabusa 2,
the JAXA asteroid explorer

Anyone with an Interest in Space Can Drop by for Consultation

This lab will become involved in a variety of projects going forward, as well, in both B-to-B and B-to-C developments. The lab is likely to involve itself in space-related ideas and technologies in education, sports, urban entertainment and all fields related to clothing, food and housing. Currently, the DENTSU SPACE LAB has more than 40 members. To achieve a broad connection with Dentsu’s space business, the lab adopts a free and open framework. Using space as a multiplier will create new genres. Dentsu looks forward to this multiplier effect.


Group Photo of Members

Some of the DENTSU SPACE LAB members

Representative of DENTSU SPACE LAB

Kenji Oda

Kenji Oda

Dentsu Inc.



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