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Space Industries and
Resources & Energy
—Toward Japan–UAE Industry Cooperation—

Relationship between the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and space industries

Many of Japan's oil interests are in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Consequently, the UAE is an extremely important country from Japan's perspective. The objective of this project is to promote a diverse array of industrial cooperation initiatives with the UAE based on support from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), to maintain those oil rights.
In 2014, the UAE government established the UAE Space Agency, and announced plans to launch a scientific voyage of discovery to Mars by 2021—to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the nation's founding. With this background in mind, we prepared a plan to exhibit at two energy trade shows to be held in Abu Dhabi by producing a pavilion with the theme of "space technology for resources and energy." This theme was chosen based on the high level of interest within the UAE—whose development has been centered on the petroleum industry—on fostering next-generation energy-related industries.

"Space technology for resources and energy"

"Space technology for resources and energy" may be broadly classified into two categories. The first is technology related to "resources and energy found on Earth." For example, this includes remote sensing technology, which may be used for such applications as using satellite data to increase the probability of success in oil well drilling projects or for pipeline surveillance. These types of applications are feasible on a near-term basis, and many technologies have already seen practical application. The second category is technology related to "resources and energy found extraterrestrially (in outer space)." Examples of such technology include space-based solar power generation, which involves sending solar-generated electricity from space directly to Earth, and space resource development, such as water and minerals found on the moon or asteroids. Applying such technologies is a long-term project, and may be thought of as part of humankind's "frontier" fields.

Space Industries and Resources & Energy

The illustration of "Space technology for resources and energy"

As special advisor to the project, we welcomed Mr. Hidetaka Aoki, Venture Partner and Space Business Evangelist at Global Brain Corporation—who has extensive expertise in both space technology and business. We focused on communicating the appeal of such space technologies in the business sphere.

Japan Space Week in the UAE

We subsequently produced a pavilion under the aforementioned theme at the Oil & Gas Expo in November 2015. The pavilion attracted many general visitors, and was also honored to receive visits from members of royal families of the UAE, along with senior management at state-owned companies. Hence, the pavilion gained a very positive response. Following on from this, to coincide with the World Future Energy Summit 2016 in January, several diplomatic events were organized by Japan's Office of National Space Policy, Cabinet Office; the Embassy of Japan in the UAE; the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA); and the UAE Space Agency. These included a Japan–UAE space symposium and a space cooperation conference. Such efforts were a step toward advancing the relationship between the UAE and Japan, through cooperation in space industries.

Space-related businesses

The Internet was originally built using technology developed for military purposes by the United States government. It was later opened up to the private sector for peaceful use. As a result, the spread of the Internet has led to fundamental changes in economies and societies globally, and has had a great impact on the lifestyles of a vast number of people. Right now, a similar scenario is beginning to gain momentum in the space industry. Driven by the participation of private-sector businesses, space-related industries look set to usher in many changes to our economies, societies and lifestyles. We are committed to firmly grasping this major opportunity.

Space Industries and Resources & Energy

Left: The HAKUTO lunar surface rover
Right: Axel Space's microsatellite

Project member

Toshihiro Katayama

Toshihiro Katayama

Senior Account Manager
Public Account Center
Dentsu Inc.



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