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Dentsu Named Agency of the Year at Spikes Asia

Spikes Asia 2017

Team Dentsu on stage to receive “Agency of the Year”

Spikes Asia 2017, one of the largest and most influential creative festivals in the Asia-Pacific region, was held September 27–29 in Singapore. It’s also known as the Asian Cannes Lions. Many people involved with creative gathered on this stage for exchanging ideas and networking, with advertisers and media personnel alongside advertising firms in a friendly competition to recognize the region’s most exceptional advertising campaigns and ideas. This year, from among 4,301 entries in 20 categories from 22 countries and regions, Japan placed second behind Australia in the number of prizes by country.
Dentsu particularly shined by being named Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year, a special award presented to the agency that received the most awards. In the Country Agency of the Year Award, newly established this year, four companies from the Dentsu Group were selected as the best in their respective countries (Dentsu Inc. in Japan, Taproot Dentsu in India, Dentsu Jayme Syfu in the Philippines and Isobar in Malaysia). By category, the Dentsu Group won a total of 71 awards (5 gold, 26 silver and 38 bronze), including the top Grand Prix award in the Innovation and Integrated categories. Its activities in Japan and overseas also earned the Dentsu Group second place in the Network of the Year award.

Commenting on the results, Dentsu’s Chief Creative Officer Yuya Furukawa said, “As demonstrated by the Grand Prix Toyota ad in the Innovation category, and the many awards for Glicode, we have seen major changes in the winning entries from the Tokyo office. I believe this expansion of Dentsu’s business domain will propel us further in the future.” Meanwhile Dentsu APAC’s Chief Creative Officer Ted Lim also expressed his delight at the results, stating “It was a big night for Dentsu Asia-Pacific at Spikes Asia 2017. Taproot Dentsu won India Agency of the Year, Dentsu Jayme Syfu won Philippines Agency of the Year. Dentsu Asia-Pacific won the Integrated Grand Prix, 2 Gold, 7 Silver, 16 Bronze Spikes and 20 finalists. Our biggest haul ever at Spikes Asia. Together, Dentsu Tokyo and Dentsu Asia-Pacific won the Runner-up Network of the Year. I’d like to congratulate and thank every Dentsu office that pushed the envelope to raise our creative profile in the region.”

The first Grand Prix was won by Dentsu, Tokyo in the Innovation category for the Toyota i-ROAD “Smile Lock Outlet”. We planned, designed and developed an IoT outlet module that can be attached to existing electric outlets in public spaces to allow for charging of i-ROAD personal mobility vehicles. The system also offers a reservation system, and the visualization of usage data. We conducted demonstration experiments aimed at effective utilization of unused outside outlets, providing a broader range of options for charging.
Taproot Dentsu, Mumbai garnered the Dentsu Group’s second Grand Prix in the Integrated category for Adidas “Odds”. Odds are sports shoes for para-athletes with artificial limbs, but instead of just one right or left shoe, is a pair of the shoe they need. These products help athletes meet the challenge of running without feeling daunted by their handicap.

Spikes Asia 2017

Toyota i-ROAD “Smile Lock Outlet”

Spikes Asia 2017

Adidas “Odds”

In addition, Ezaki Glico’s “Glicode” received one gold, four silver and two bronze awards.

Along with the creative work displays, various seminars from agencies, advertisers and media personnel were also held at Spikes Asia. The Dentsu Group sponsored ten themes, and made presentations to participants. Dentsu CDC’s Noriaki Onoe took the podium to present the seminar “The Unpredictable, Irrational, and Chaotic Customer”, while Dentsu 4CRP Division’s Chief Yasuharu Sasaki delivered a presentation entitled “Is that Digital?”

Spikes Asia 2017

“The Unpredictable, Irrational, and Chaotic Customer”; Noriaki Onoe,Creative Director, CDC

Spikes Asia 2017

“Is that Digital?”; Yasuharu Sasaki, Exective Creative Director, 4CRP

Dentsu 5CRP Division’s Toru Oyama was invited to lecture during the Young Creative Academy program for students, and held a workshop attended by 16 university students in the Asia-Pacific region majoring in creative fields such as marketing and advertising. The participants eagerly learned about ways to generate ideas using the “Magic Word Card” idea generation tool developed by Dentsu B Team, after which each team gave a presentation.

Spikes Asia 2017

Toru Oyama, Creative Director, 5CRP, lectured “Magic Word Card” Workshop at the Young Creative Academy



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