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Dentsu and Dentsu Digital Develop Integrated "People-Driven Marketing" Framework for Aggregating and Advancing the Group's Marketing Methods in Japan Using People as the Reference Point

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September 7, 2017

Dentsu Inc. (Tokyo: 4324; ISIN: JP3551520004; President & CEO: Toshihiro Yamamoto; Head Office: Tokyo; Capital: 74,609.81 million yen) and its wholly owned subsidiary Dentsu Digital Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Norihiro Kuretani) have developed an integrated "People-Driven Marketing" framework for aggregating and advancing the Dentsu Group's marketing methods in Japan, using people as the reference point.

As the issues companies face grow increasingly complicated, resolving these issues with ad-hoc digital expertise and methods alone has become more difficult. Although companies are working to integrate their various marketing measures, the need has emerged to take a broader perspective in integrating such measures.

The People-Driven Marketing framework we have developed integrates the diverse marketing approaches the Dentsu Group has accumulated, making people the reference point. In addition to making the target segment visible, it creates a model that funnels the awareness to purchasing and then to repurchasing stages in one conversion. Consistent metrics are used at all stages to enable management and respond to the client company's desire to increase marketing return on investment (ROI).

Specifically, by setting people as the point of reference for business and marketing issues, we establish marketing goals around the ideal of "providing required content to the people who truly need it, in a necessary location and at a necessary time," and integrate the marketing measures before putting them into practice.

People-Driven Marketing also focuses on people's consciousness and behavior, creating an overall structure to show how people are activated from an ROI perspective. Consequently, it uses a more sophisticated perspective than in the past for feeding back post-implementation results by applying the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) cycle into a larger marketing cycle. The way in which people have been activated becomes a key performance indicator (KPI) that can be managed.

[Dentsu's Original Framework for Integrating Planning, Tools and Solutions]

In developing this integrated framework, we have renamed the data management platform (DMP) that provides the data basis from dPublic (Dentsu's proprietary public DMP) to the People-Driven DMP, and enhanced its functions.

The People Driven DMP adds to dPublic's audience data gathered from cookies and others, the audience data from smartphones, actual TV viewer log data and purchasing data, providing an integrated marketing platform that connects this data from a people-oriented perspective. It covers all processes, from discovering potential customers to converting them to loyal customers, spanning the full funnel. To enhance these functions, we have created People Driven DMP partnerships, aligning with companies in such fields as media/content, digital platforms, e-commerce/purchasing and panel/measurement, facilitating the use of data and technologies to create advanced solutions.

As the first phase of reinforcing people-based insight data, we conducted a large-scale study, called PDM Tunes 1.0, of 200,000 samples from around Japan. Under the supervision of Dentsu specialists in marketing, we conducted research by company and product/service brand in all industry categories. As a result, we were able to combine various types of behavioral data, such as TV viewing history, internet audience data and purchasing data, with this research data. Adding human consciousness and emotion to the conventional persona (customer image) enables sophisticated advertising communication planning and effect verification.

Going forward, through cooperation with companies that possess various types of data and the latest technology using people as a reference point, the Dentsu Group will reinforce its People-Driven Marketing framework, helping client companies create and put into action sophisticated plans that enable them to achieve their goals.

[People Driven DMP Partnerships]



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