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Dentsu Institute to Embark on a New Mission in January 2018

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December 20, 2017

Dentsu Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Toshihiro Yamamoto, capital: 74,609.81 million yen) announced today that in January 2018 it will reorganize its in-house think tank Dentsu Institute (Managing Director: Yoshito Maruoka) to undertake a new mission that strives to provide a marketing and communications forum that can promote and strengthen a dynamic society.

Dentsu Institute considers that venues, where concerned individuals can gather to discuss fully the deeper issues related to society, are as yet too limited. Moreover, the Institute maintains that only through first identifying and then sharing a variety of viewpoints on these issues will solutions finally be reached for the problems specific to contemporary society today, and which until now objective answers have been difficult to achieve.

Therefore, Dentsu has appointed 15 specialists from within and outside of the Company as Dentsu Institute fellows who will contribute to promoting and strengthening a dynamic society by providing a forum for them in which to engage in free and healthy exchanges of ideas. The results of the discussions will be reflected in the dissemination of information, proposals, and actual implementation by the fellows themselves, and will be announced through symposiums organized by the Dentsu Institute.

Profile of Dentsu Institute
1.    Organization Name:
Dentsu Institute

2.    Major Themes of Activities:
Media reliability and its social roles contributing to a dynamic society
Marketing and business activities in a society with a shrinking population

3.    Fellows (in alphabetical order of surname):
Name                    Title and Organization
Yuichi Arizono     CEO, zonari, LLC,
                               Visiting Executive Consultant, Dentsu Digital Inc.
Osuke Fukada       Marketing Communication Planner, Dentsu Digital Inc.
Motoko Imada       CEO, Founder, Infobahn Inc.
Hidetoshi Kuranari    Creative Director, Dentsu B Team, Dentsu Inc.
Yoshito Maruoka       Managing Director, Dentsu Institute
Norio Murakami       Ex-Vice President, Google Inc.
Susumu Namikawa       Co-Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Digital Inc.
Yasuharu Okamoto      CEO, Directus Inc.
Ritsuya Oku       Dentsu Media Innovation Lab, Dentsu Inc.
Osamu Sakai       Copywriter/Media Consultant
Toshinao Sasaki       Writer/Journalist
Yasufumi Shibanai     Professor, Faculty of Communication Studies, Tokyo Keizai University
Minako Suematsu (Kambara)     CEO, News2u Holdings Corporation
Motohiko Tokuriki     CMO, Agile Media Network Inc./Blogger
Natsuhiko Ujiie       Media Consultant/Member of the Editorial Board, GALAC
                                  Ex-President, TBS Media Research Institute Inc.




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