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DOCOMO and Dentsu Establish New Digital OOH Advertising Company "LIVE BOARD"

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January 16, 2019

First in Japan to Realize OOH Advertisement Sales Based on Impressions Utilizing Mobile Phone Network Operational Data

NTT DOCOMO INC. (hereinafter "DOCOMO") and Dentsu Inc. (hereinafter "Dentsu") have agreed to establish LIVE BOARD, Inc., a new company engaged in the sales of digital advertising space that will leverage the management resources of both companies, manage Digital-Out-Of-Home (hereinafter DOOH1) distribution platforms and develop advertising media. The new company will be launched in February 2019.

1. Objectives Behind the Establishment of the New Company
Leveraging the respective assets and knowhow of DOCOMO, which has marketing data for mobile phones and a variety of services, and Dentsu, Japan's leader in advertising transactions and performance, the two companies aim to resolve current OOH advertising issues and promulgate and expand DOOH business adding new value including linkage with smartphones by realizing the provision of OOH viewing data and automating advertising transactions.

2. Business Activities to be Developed and Offered by the New Company
(1) Build and operate an online platform enabling multiple advertisers to purchase space across numerous DOOH media, conducting advertising space sales based on impressions2, a first for Japan3 in the DOOH market.

(2) Conduct advertising space sales optimized in accordance with targets by utilizing the population distribution statistic data of Mobairu Kukan Tokei™ (mobile spatial statistics) based on DOCOMO mobile phone network operating data and visualizing the number of people according to gender, age and other categories for each segment that were in the vicinity of the advertising placement for each day of the week and time slot.

(3) Develop and provide advertising products with new added value, including interactive linkage between DOOH and smartphones carried by people nearby.

(4) Employ 5G signals to deliver video advertisements in high definition with minimal interruptions.

Through the establishment of this new company, DOCOMO and Dentsu will launch a full-fledged DOOH market in Japan and create the foundation for a new advertising business.

Details of the new company are as follows.

Note: 1. OOH stands for out-of-home advertising, such as transit, outdoor and other advertisements encountered outside the home. DOOH refers to advertising media using digital signage such as transit, outdoor and retail shop advertising.
2. A term indicting the number of times a digital advertisement is displayed on a web page.
3. As of January 16, 2019, based on research conducted by Dentsu.
* "Mobairu Kukan Tokei" is a trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC.

About LIVE BOARD, Inc.
1. Overview

2.Business Activities
(1) Construct and manage online platform enabling multiple advertisers to purchase spaces across numerous DOOH media.

(2) Sell advertising space optimized for targets by utilizing Mobairu Kukan Tokei™ data based on DOCOMO mobile phone network operating data and visualizing the number of people by gender and age near the advertisement location for each day of the week and time slot.





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