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CIID, the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design's 'CIID Winter School' to be held in Dentsu for the first time in Japan

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October 23, 2019

Dentsu Inc. (President & CEO: Toshihiro Yamamoto; Head Office: Tokyo) announced today that its internal organization Dentsu Business Design Square,* which supports the creation of innovation, will hold the 'CIID Winter School' in February 2020 in Japan for the first time to learn Nordic interaction design through practice in cooperation with "CIID" (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design)" an educational institution based in Copenhagen, Denmark. All classes at this school are designed around SDG themes, such as gender equality, climate change and sustainable consumption and production. Participants will spend 5 days working on an issue solution and will explore and learn different business design approaches in each of the 8 courses.

The Nordic interaction design proposed by CIID aims to create social impact from creative ideas and relate it to business. 'CIID Winter School' is an opportunity to learn practical techniques such as prototyping and service design through workshop sessions. In Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Patent Office issued a report in May 2018, titled "Declaration of Design Management," in which it concluded that creation by design would substantially inform the management perspective.

CIID is known for its excellence in design education. CIID organizes the annual Summer School in Copenhagen, which is attended by outstanding employees from leading companies around the world. In support of CIID's educational approach to innovation in social issues and existing businesses based on creativity, Dentsu decided to implement the program in Japan. Going forward, our company will aim to hold the school regularly and to develop business solutions together with CIID.

CIID Winter School

[Overview of CIID Winter School]
Date    : Part 1: 5 days from Monday, February 10 to Friday, February 14, 2020
Part 2: 5 days from Monday, February 17 to Friday, February 21, 2020
Please select one of the two parts.
Venue    : Dentsu Inc. head office building
Lecturer    : 16 lecturers from CIID are scheduled to visit Japan (2 lecturers for one course)
Courses    : "People-Centered Research" "Service Design" "Intro to Interaction Design"
"Designing Interactive Spaces" "Designing for Impact & Inclusion" "Prototyping as Process" "Change Management Through Design" "Future Casting"
· The courses will be in English (English/Japanese simultaneous interpretation is available.).
Attendees: New business leaders, division managers, designers, next generation managers, students, and others who want to develop the mindset and thinking needed to lead the next era.
Application: CIID Winter School local office
· There is a fee for the five-day total session.
· Applications are on a first-come-first-served basis. We will close the application process as soon as we reach the fixed number.
SNS : CIID Winter School, the contents of the class and characteristics of CIID are introduced on their Facebook group page, so please follow the directions if you would like to participate.

* Dentsu Business Design Square is a dedicated business design organization founded in 2017 to promote creative solutions for clients' issues and business development.
Dentsu Business Design Square website



Contact: Chiaki Yamaguchi, Aki Nakajima
              Corporate Communications Division
              Telephone: +81 (3) 6216-8042

Contact information for this event:
CIID Local Secretariat Contact Email
· If you have any questions, please use the email title "CIID Winter School" and contact the CIID local office directly. Please inquire in English.



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