At the 2020 D&AD Awards, Dentsu's Yuya Furukawa became the first Asian person to receive the President's Award.

The award is presented each year to an individual who has made substantial contributions to the creative industry, by the D&AD President*. Previous winners include advertising legends such as Sir John Hegarty and Dan Wieden.

Furukawa was highly praised for his leadership at Dentsu and demonstrating creative solutions to problems beyond advertising, as well as his inspirational lectures and writing, and his support for D&AD as member of its International Advisory Board.

Yuya Furukawa
Yuya Furukawa
Chief Creative Officer
Dentsu Inc.

Yuya Furukawa says:
Looking at all the great names of the past winners, I am awestruck rather than simply happy and honored to receive this award. I accept this award on behalf of Dentsu's creatives, as this highest accolade I've ever received could not have happened without our clients and all brilliant creatives.
In the last ten years, our domains of creativity have expanded. However, D&AD has continued to be the most coveted award in our industry with its unwavering commitment to exceptional quality in design and creativity.
I have deep respect for D&AD: how it believes that brands can thrive, and that the world can be a better place with the power of design and creativity. It has also put great effort in the most important thing for our industry: young talent.
Its significance will be even greater in these times we are going through right now.

Comments by 2019-2020 D&AD President Kate Stanners
For your co-leadership of one of the world's great agencies and the great work it produces,
year after year.
For inspiring advertising people to see themselves as creative solvers of all kinds of problems beyond just advertising.
For representing the best of the Japanese Advertising industry to the international community; and the international community to Japan, with dignity and passion.
For your inspirational speaking and writing.
For the beautiful work of The Ad Museum Tokyo.
For your championing of young talent.
For your tireless support of D&AD, its people and its programs; and your work on our International Advisory Board.
For helping the advertising industry be the best it can be and do the best it can do.
For representing our business in a way that makes us all proud to be part of it.
I'm delighted to present you with D&AD's highest accolade, the 2020 President's Award.

Also at the 2020 D&AD Awards, Dentsu ranked second place for the Advertising Agency of the Year Award.

*D&AD is a Member-run organization, led by an elected Board of Trustees. Each year D&AD appoints a President from the Board of Trustees to lead the charge and shape the conversations for the year ahead. The job of the president is to galvanize the creative communities and bring them together to inspire and celebrate the finest in design and advertising. The D&AD president for 2019-2020 is Kate Stanners of Saatchi & Saatchi London.


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