Delivering real time data driven digital OOH content using the power of media at train stations.

Until now digital signage located at train stations have only been able to display predetermined advertising material.

This has changed with the realization of a new, dynamic, advertisment and content delivery method for digital signage that utilizes data & real time technology.

Utilizing train station digital signage owned by Metro Ad Agency Co., Ltd., Dentsu produced Dynamic DOOH adverts linked to 3rd party external data with the aim of expanding awareness, promoting ticket sales and increasing the audience for Japanese boxer Ryota Murata’s title match.

(Delivered content)
  • Countdown to day of match
  • Headlines and latest information from sports newspaper sources
  • Match ticket sales and availability status

Content was distributed in near real time and broadcast/adserved? directly to the train station digital signage.

Using this new advertising method the increased relevancy of the content led to the event garnering a high level of attention. This resulted in the ratings share for the match nearly doubling, leading to the discovery and acquisition of new Ryota Murata fans.

  1. There was an approximately 30 minute lag between the distribution of information and its actual broadcast for the purpose of moderation.
  2. Dynamic DOOH is Dentsu’s original development proposal.


Shota Gennozono (Dentsu)