Whenever you glance at your smartphone, you see a butterfly fluttering to and fro across the city. You nimbly wave your device - like it was an insect net - to catch the butterfly as it passes by. You can swap the butterflies you collect with your friends, or grow a flower from seed to attract a rare species of butterfly. Dentsu developed iButterfly using such technologies as augmented reality (AR), motion sensor and GPS technology. iButterfly is being distributed in Asia, Europe and the United States, through the App Store and the Android Market.

Smart devices are gaining rapid market penetration around the world. Utilizing the insight and creativity unlocked by smart devices, Dentsu is boldly taking up the challenge of exploring the potential of next-generation communication methods. Dentsu has aggressively pursued the development of smartphone applications, including Scan it and DecoMarket.

With Scan it, when a user waves their smartphone camera over a flat image in a newspaper or magazine advertisement or on a product wrapper, the phone automatically plays a related 3-D video clip or other content.

DecoMarket is a platform application for sales of a wide variety of visual content, including graphics that can be used in "decomail" (decorative email sent between mobile phones in Japan).