The idea driving this project is how we can help enhance the marketing activities of our clients by having them recognize the benefits of diversity.

The Dentsu Diversity Lab has developed a wide range of solutions for problems that affect people with disabilities and the elderly, while at the same time tackling issues associated with gender and multiculturalism.
With an eye on the future and based on the concept of inclusive marketing, the lab is working to systemize its solutions while supporting activities of corporations.
Through inclusive marketing companies can be helped to grow sustainably together with their communities. As companies learn to embrace the diversity of consumers to proactively create value for society, the horizons of a cross-section of the community are at the same time broadened. This is an aspect of business that, to date, has been challenging for both mass and one-to-one marketers.

Note: Inclusive Marketing is an original Dentsu development project.


Takahiro Hayashi, Yoshihiro Ito