Dentsu's Magastore boasts the highest sales of any online magazine store in Japan, and can be accessed via a wide range of devices—iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PCs, among others. Magastore's comprehensive line-up comprises more than 250 magazine titles from approximately 100 publishing houses, and also has a top ranking on the iTunes App Store sales chart in Japan. When used in conjunction with Twitter or other social networking services (SNS), it allows users to share with friends what page they are viewing. Users can also search article text with pinpoint accuracy for a magazine containing content they want. The Magastore platform also enables advertisers to leverage the unique characteristics of digital media for the provision of advertising that is social, interactive and rich. Dentsu plans to launch Magastore in overseas markets, beginning with a rollout in North America in fall 2011.

Dentsu also operates a electronic magazines distribution platform for publishers, providing one-stop support for the delivery of content and advertising to multiple online magazine stores.

Underpinned by its strong partnerships with media companies, Dentsu is pursuing a diverse array of next-generation media platforms such as radiko for IP simulcast radio and 47CLUB, an Internet-based business in collaboration with 47 regional newspapers throughout Japan.