A project that aims to show how Noh can be used against a backdrop of today's society.

The Tech-Noh project, developed by Dentsu, aims to show how, even in modern times, Noh theater can have relevance. In fact, this traditional form of Japanese play has for some time been attracting interest outside Japan.
Through the Tech-Noh Project, Dentsu is collaborating with creators and leading members of Japan’s performing arts community in creative works based on the concept of combining this traditional performing art with technology.
The project’s first performance, Dali Noh, was given at a ceremony coinciding with a September–December, 2016, Salvador Dali exhibition held at the National Art Center in Tokyo. The performance featured a Noh mask in the likeness of Dali (1904–89).
There are plans to hold more theatrical performances, including plays that appeal to those visiting Japan. Moreover, it is expected that the project will expand even further, to feature a range of activities including corporate television commercials, video content, and presentations requiring the kind of gorgeous and dignified performances that Noh offers.

Note: Tech-Noh is an original Dentsu development.


Shiro Murakami (Dentsu)