Dentsu–China Human Resources Collaboration Project

Since 1996, Dentsu has been involved in activities to support advertising education and human resources development in China.
Dentsu conducts various programs in response to needs in the area of Chinese advertising-related education. Young educators at Chinese universities are chosen to train at the Dentsu Head Office and attend the Advertising Education Forum (to introduce the latest global trends in advertising to advertising educators), and Dentsu Student Advertising Seminars (for students studying advertising).
In 2020, we launched new initiatives that include online seminars and small-group innovation workshops for students studying advertising at universities in China.
In recognition of these efforts, in 2006 Dentsu received the Education Support Special Contribution Award; a certificate of appreciation in 2009; and in January 2015, for the sixth consecutive year, Dentsu earned the Most Valuable Partner Award from the Chinese Ministry of Education. Dentsu was feted as a global company that has made a particular contribution to Chinese advertising, human resources, education, and Japan–China private sector exchanges.