Dentsu Ecosystem Laboratory

Work with wildlife and habitat researchers gleans solutions

Set up to plan creative activities, the Dentsu Ecosystem Lab leverages the expertise and personal connections of individuals who have participated in conservation activities. In particular, the Company taps into the resources of people whose work involves endangered species and collaborative projects—related to zoos and aquariums—and uses the knowledge it gleans to respond to issues associated with the preservation of ecosystems, as well as to create opportunities for communication using the SDGs.

As we respond to a vast array of issues related to the conservation of our skies, seas, mountains, cities, and ecosystems, we will team up with businesspeople who share our awareness regarding these issues to set up ideal relationships between human societies and the natural environments that they inhabit.

At the same time, we will seek to provide solutions for a broad range of challenges based on communication strategies, creative content production, product and business development, as well as other approaches.

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